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Flexi synning - what do you do?


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Had my first flexi syn night last night (had been 56 days 100% prior). Really great night, made reasonable choices that I really enjoyed.

So how do you approach flexi synning? Everyone is different and I would love to know how we all approach it.

As my flexi syn night was on weigh in day, I spent the week prior doing a water challenge (water is the only liquid you are allowed to drink, minimum of 2.5 litres per day) and I am continuing this until next weigh in. Other than that I am going back to normal.

So how do YOU approach flexi synning?
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I just have my flexi syn day or night out and then just be back on plan the next day.
I do reduce my syns to just 5 syns a day for the days before and after my flexi syn day, so i can still aim for a weightloss at the next weighing.
Normaly it works for me this way and i do lose or sometimes maintain.
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When I have a flexi syn day, I just enjoy and carry on synning normally the next day.
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I flexi-syn the day or meal (depending what the special event is) then go straight back to my usual syn allowance the next day ie 10-15 a day. I don't reduce it for the rest of the week as that is more likely to make me binge. The whole point of flexi-syns is to give you an extra bit of flexibilty when it is needed so you can remain in control rather than one high-syn meal or day plunging you into a week/month long binge!

I find it a very useful tool. Often I will allow myself the extra syns but then find I don't need them. Speaking as a decades long binge eater, I am loving the feeling of security and control SW gives!

Well, thats my take on it. I don't need to use flexi-syns very often but when I do I still usually get a loss at WI.
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I don't really understand flexi-syns - could someone explain please? Thanks ;)
I do the same as Lemon Fizz. I don't do a flexi 'day' as such, just the part of the day when I need to eat out (eg the meal). I estimate how many syns I'm having, and write them down as soon as I can so I keep counting them. So far, I've had about 3 occasions when I've used flexi syns, and I have still lost weight each week. However, I've not needed to be flexible for more than just one meal at a time.

Next month I have a weekend coming up when I'll be eating out more, so this will be more difficult. I will try to have something before I go out (eg a mug shot, or something filling), so I won't be so hungry when I start the meal.

I don't make any adjustment for other days of that week, I start each day with a blank sheet regardless of what I've done the day before. I think I would find it too difficult to try and move syns from one day to another.

I don't really understand flexi-syns - could someone explain please? Thanks ;)

The idea is that you stay in control, even on those occasions when you can't control what you eat (eg if you eat out). This enables you to live a normal life, rather than avoiding going out. However, you need to keep counting your syns (using estimates where necessary), as this is supposed to help you stay in control.

The idea of flexible syns is to avoid a situation where you go out for a meal and realise you've blown it, so you keep eating everything in sight for the rest of the week. Flexible syns are part of the plan as long as you restrict them to the times when you can't control your menu, and you must keep counting them so you retain control.

S: 14st0lb C: 13st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st2lb(1.02%)
Exactly right, Annie. It's about empowering you to stay in control in a circumstance that would often make you 'blow it'. Weddings, meals out, hen nights, that type of thing.

Have the event, thoroughly enjoy it, then straight back on the SW wagon!
S: 11st2lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st13lb(8.33%)
Ah I see - I think I've done that once or twice already without knowing that was what I was doing! Really good to know, thanks :)

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