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Flexi Syns


I am a newbie - just started SW (in my 3rd week). Not going to a group but signed up online about a year ago and did nothing with it. So I have the literature lots of mags etc. But I was wondering, I keep hearing about flexi syns - could someone explain that to me?


P.S I did post this elsewhere (eating out) by accident
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From what I understand, I think it's to do with saving syns all week if you are going to an event when you know eating on plan is going to be hard, and then blowing them all in one go (or more that 15 one day but none the next day)


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Here you go - this should explain it


If you have a special night out you plan in advance how many syns you will need to get through it - be that 30, 40, 50 or whatever. On the day you count syns as usual but when you reach your imposed limit you stop synning.

Next day you go back on plan, usual number of syns and no trying to cut back to make up for the night out. You accept that you may not lose that week but can be happy knowing that you stayed in control of what you were eating. That way you avoid all the guilt that can be associated with eating out because you still stayed within the plan even though it was on higher syns.
rubeyeskimo, that's not correct. Prickles, flexisynning is a way of going off-plan in a controlled way, if you have a special event or a meal out. The idea is that before you go, you try (to the best of your ability) to work out how many syns your meal will be - even if that's 100 syns - and then stick to it. This means you're not depriving yourself and you stay in control of your food rather than having a blow-out and feeling like you've ruined your diet. Then, the next day, you go back on plan as usual, with your usual 5-15 syns.
Thanks very much all. I have to admit I thought it was a saving syns through the week so you could use them later. Probably my old WW point saving mentality. I now understand.
There's no reason you can't save syns, Prickles, if you want to :) The SW website says they don't recommend it as they think it can lead to feelings of deprivation if you don't have any treats for days (although reading on here it sounds as if some consultants say it's absolutely fine to do weekly syns rather than daily). But if you think you'll be ok, then go for it! (I used to save my WW points for the weekend too!)
Hi Prickles - I think that is ok. I use my Syns weekly rather than daily (although don't have any cold turkey days!) but using syns weekly isn't the same as the Flexi syn concept.


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I have found flexi synning really useful. There are times that I go over a bit on my syns on a meal out and save them back during the week however there are times that I just struggle to have very few/no syns during the week after/before (hence flexi synning is brilliant). So I would say do what you can/feel most comfortable with. Obviously if you have a flexi syn day in a week you won't necessarily lose weight (although I have on almost all of the weeks that I have done it) but you will hopefully stay in control and not add extra calories/syns unnecessarily by thinking 'I've blown it now' and just keep going.

Gail x

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