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Flirty's Vegetarian refeed Diary

Day 1

Mon 20/4/09

Breakfast = Lipotrim vanilla shake (142cal)

Lunch = Lipotrim Strawberry shake (142cal)

Dinner = 2 x Quorn sausages (57 cal each)
small breakfast bowl salad (50 cals)
Balsamic vinegar 3 tsp (15 cals)

Total Cals for the day = 463 cals

Does this seem ok? :help2:

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Not had it yet, i have prepared my breakfast bowl of salad and am just dry frying the sausages now. Im a bit scared to eat, is that normal?

I am still ploughing through it as i type Ollie, ha ha.

It feels so weird to be eating and i feel quite full.



Here we go again!
Just wanted to know (apart from how it all tastes now!) when we are refeeding should we be on such low calories? I thought we were supposed to be having a bit more than that. I've not done refeed myself and was just wondering cos I will be in about 9 weeks. Thanks for any help.
Well i have managed to finish it but it was a struggle and it felt so weird to be eating. :confused:

I am refeeding temporarily i think as i have a couple of events coming up where i will be eating out and consuming a wee bit of alchohol, thats why i am keeping my calories low as i would still like to lose weight not maintain.

If i dont continue to lose weight (although i know it will be much slower) then i will go back on TFR.

Tomorrow i will have more calories as i will be eating twice. I think the idea is to gradually build the calories up, but i am new to this refeed also, so i dont mind being corrected. ;)



Here we go again!
Thanks for the reply flirtygerty. Will you be coming back on LT after your events or are you happy where you are? I thought your calories sounded really low. Good luck for the refeed and hope you enjoy your events coming up.
Thanks Bev

Im really not sure whether or not i will go back to TFR it depends on whether i continue to lose on refeed and maintenance. I still have another 27 lbs to lose, but i would like to get this off slower and get my body used to eating food again. I will give it a couple of weeks doing the refeed and then decide whether or not to go back onto TFR.



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mmm, quorn sausages - I might work that into my refeed :)
funny how full you feel isn't it?!
Yes it is rather strange but good at the same time Danielle. You started your refeed the day before me, so stay in touch. :)

Day 2

Breakfast = Lipotrim shake (142 cals)

Lunch = Small portion salad (50 cals) and nothing else as i was on a course at a hotel and they didnt have anything else i could eat. :(

Dinner = 3 x Quorn mini kievs (123 cals)
small breakfast bowl salad (50 cals)
3 tbs of Balsamic vinegar (15 cals)

I have also had 5 hot drinks so far each with skimmed milk added (55 cals)

Total cals = 435 cals

Cant wait to have a small baked potato tomorrow, yum yum :D

I also had my 3rd WI today and i have lost another 2 lbs. The pharmacist said i had probably lost more but due to the fact i am on refeed and she weighed me at the end of the day as opposed to the beginning of the day will have made a difference. :confused:

2lbs off is great though! :)



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I will definitely keep in touch flirty :)
Well done on your loss - and I bet it is more, I always weigh a couple of lbs heavier at the end of the day.
Get to have my potato today - woohoo - god knows how I'll manage it though cos I'm still full from lunch!
Tomorrow I'll try some quorn sausages :)
Mmmmmmn enjoy your potato, only 1 more sleep and then i get to have one too! ha ha.

I havent had my dinner yet i try to leave until about 7pm, although it takes me a good while to eat it. Im trying the Quorn mini kievs tonight, exciting stuff! ha ha

Day 3

Breakfast = Lipotrim shake (142 cals)

Lunch = 3oz baked potato (50 cals)
100g Good for you Fromage Frais (52 cals)

Dinner = 2 Quorn sausages (114 cals)
small bowl salad (50 cals)
Balsamic Vinegar (15 cals)

5 x hot drinks with skimmed milk = (55 cals)

Total cals for the day = 478 cals

It took me forever to eat the potato and i felt really bloated afterwards.

Its great eating again, thanks MiniB and Kered. :O)

I did feel really bloated today after my potato though and i weighed it and it only weighed 3 oz and that was a quite big one.

Cant wait for tomorrow to have my pitta bread, yum yum.

Day 4

Breakfast = Lipotrim shake (142 cals)

Snack = half a banana (50 cals)

Lunch = 1 pitta bread (126 cals)
1 low fat cheese triangle (20 cals)
small salad (50 cals)
balsamic vinegar = (10 cals)

Snack = tangerine (50 cals?)

Dinner = 2 quorn sausages (142 cals)
3 oz potato (50 cals)
small salad (50 cals)
balsamic vinegar (10 cals)
50 g Fromage Frais (25 cals)

Snack = WW chock eclair (81 cals) ;)

5 x hot drinks with skimmed milk (55 cals)

Total cals = 861
I love the wholemeal pitta breads, so much nicer than white bread. I dont think I could eat white bread now and I dont even fancy it at all.
Day 5

Breakfast = Lipotrim shake (142)

Lunch = 2 slices nimble bread = (96 cals)
Small selection of salad (50 cals)
Balsamic vinegar = (10 cals)
Cheese triangle = (20 cals)
Tangerine = (25 cals)

Dinner = Home made quorn spagetti bol = (410 cals)

Treat = WW choc eclair (81 cals)

3 hot drinks with skimmed milk = (33 cals)

Total cals = 867

My homemade spag bol was delicious but i could not finish it all i was stuffed! :p



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