Florida Dreams


Hi all today I am starting my exante ! Its 11.40 am and I am already hungry but my shakes havent been delivered yet, just had a message to say they will be here in 2 hours.
So I am going to have some more water and try to drink 2 liters today then try to drink more each day.
I already drink quite a lot a day but mostly fizzy pop so its going to be hard switching to water but I feel quite motivated today.

I am sick of been overweight my BMI is 41 so I have a lot to lose. We are planning a holiday to Florida later this year and I so want to be slim for it and of course healthy for myself too.

I went to Florida in January 2012 with my husband and three kids and spent most of the time exhausted carrying around all this extra weight round the parks was hard work, my seat belt wouldnt fasten going out on the plane :( and I felt uncomfortable, self consious and miserable.

This time I want to fasten the seat belt with ease, I want to be able to go on any ride with the kids and not have to worry about if I will fit in the seats etc..

Most of all I look forward to not feeling tired and having my joints ache all the time, I look forward to been able to move aorund more easily and not getting short of breath or tired.

I cannot wait to be able to go shopping for clothes and not have to go to the back of the rack all the time or to shop in an ordinary store that isnt plus size would be super.

I am sick of people judging my weight I feel the other mums at school look down on me, they make assumptions that I must be lazy because I am fat

:( ..It makes me unhappy ...oh well I hope my shakes come soon, going to grab another water and try to keep busy today already took the dog out for a walk and tidied up...
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miss yo yo
Hiya Happy Lass and welcome to Minis... this is defo the place to be for help advice and support in bundles from like minded people..

Ya have taken the first steps to slimdon and i wish you good luck as the first week is defo the hardest..

Florida with a lower BMI will be so much more enjoyable... i used to have a BMI of 47 at my heaviest so i know how uncomfortable you must have felt in the heat .. i used to have thighs that rubbed together so badly i coudnt wear a summer dress withough bodyshaper shorts on that came down to my knees nearrly..

I will follow ya diary to see how ya getting on.. Dont be timid if ya have any questions or just need to have a rant .. everyone on this site will try their best to help you along x x x x x


Thank you for the welcome Valentine my shakes have arrived and I am sipping at a hot chocolate one...I have added some sweetners too but I have such a sweet tooth I still feel its not sweet enough but hey ho no pain no gain !!


miss yo yo
your taste buds will change from day to day with the packs.. but its just Fuel .. a means to an end ... good luck for the next few days as they are the hardest ... just glug the water and keep yaself busy x x x