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Fluid intake?


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I was wondering if someone could help me????

I am someone that I have never drank enough fluid. I would often go through the day just having one bottle of fizzy drink or 2 tumblers of squash. I know it is bad but I just never wanted a drink and so I simply 'forgot':sigh:

Anyway, the last week has seen me up my water intake to 2l a day which is a huge amount for me. I was hoping this may aid my weightloss. The last couple of days I have been feeling 'heavy' and going to the toilet loads! LOL Out of curiosity I weighed myself this morning and I have gained a 1lb since WI on Monday. I am wondering if this is a common side effect of drinking more when the body is not used to it? I am sure that is what it is as I have been sticking to my points.

Am I drinking too much now do you think?

Today I am going to slow it down slightly I think. Maybe 1l in total. That is still a lot for me. I don't want to be put off track just to drink more when all was fine before?

Opinions appreciated :)
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I think it is probably just be your body ajusting to the extra fluids, from my past experience the more water a drink the more i tend to loose!! I think 1 - 2 litres is ample for a day, thats how much i drink although i must admit i am struggling today to get it down.....

I def think as much water you can drink the better though, i find plain water boring so sometimes add sugar free squash.

The only problem drinking all that water like you i spend half my day in the toilet :ashamed0005: lol

Keep up the good work


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I drink between 2-3 litres a day when I am slimming. I am not too keen on water either and struggle but I find if I boil the kettle and add a slice of lemon to my water and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice it is much easier to drink. Also, once you have finished just keep topping up from the kettle as the water is still hot/warm. I drink it constantly throughout the day but never after 4.00 p.m. That gives my body enough time to get rid of the excess water or else I would get no sleep with running to the toilet all night :)
When you say 'fluids', does diet coke count? :rolleyes:

I rarely drink water, but I keep my fluids up with diet coke and hot chocolate :D

I prob drink about 1-2L in total, I just can't stand water.

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i was always under the impression that it was non-carbonated drinks that counted.. i might be wrong though. I'm not a water fan either, so I get Sainsburys no added sugar Orange and Mango squash which is lovely and much easier to get down! I must take note though - no drinking after 4 because I ALWAYS have to get up in the middle of the night, which is a killer now its cold because my bathroom is downstairs! :D


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S: 84.82kg C: 78.02kg G: 68.04kg BMI: 29.1 Loss: 6.8kg(8.02%)
Thanks guys. I have decided it is best to increase the intake gradually i think as my body just is not used to feeling so refreshed lol. Yesterday I had just over 1l of water (plus a couple of other non water drinks) and I felt ok. At leats another 1l going down today....


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I am so rubbish at drinking fluids! My body is lucky if it gets 2 cups of tea in a day lol let alone water ! .. I am a diet coke addict to .... but its a diuretic and doesnt count :( unfortunatly! ........

Im gonna try and get 2 glasses of water into my day somwhere ! to start trying would be a good thing LOL
Drinking water is not only essential to keeping the body hydrated, but it also helps to reduce hunger (apparently if you're dehydrated your body confuses it with hunger) and it helps to increase your metabolism. Drinking diet soft drinks will keep you hydrated, but the sweetner in them will probably slow your metabolism down if you have too much.


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I was watching an episode of Oprah recently and there was a doctor on it and he did a study of twins whereby one twin drank the recommended amount of water and the other drank a lot less and after two weeks there was no difference between them when they did all their stats. i didnt watch the rest of the programme though.
WW recommend you drink 2 litres of FLUIDS in a day, makes no odds whether its water, tea, coffee, diet coke etc just fluids. There is NO medical evidence to prove that drinking more water increases weight loss, infact CD are totally distancing themselves from the idea that 'the more you drink the more you shrink' which is commonly quoted.

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