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Fluttery Feeling in Chest - anyone ever have this?

A few days ago when I had fallen off the wagon, I noticed a real fluttery feeling in my chest. I've had it before, but only when I'm eating a lot of junk. I never notice it when I'm low-carbing.

Does anyone else ever have this? Am I about to drop dead from a heart attack, or is it some gastic thing? (I've got no blood pressure or heart issues)
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hey hon - could be your heart racing from the sugar ? even if you didnt have sugar the carbs will produce it. I get that feeling but when not fallen off wagon but thats why i got tablets to stop my heart racing.
Have u had any more caffeine than usual? When I was pregnant I gave up caffeine completely. After issy was born I started drink tea, coffee , coke, redbull etc again .

Anyways I started getting the occasional feeling of my heart racing for no reason.

Anywayyyyssss.... Went to doctor and He said it was the caffeine as my body wasn't used to it Anymore.

Now I just have one cuppa and caffeine free coffee/ diet coke .

Might not be but just incase xx
Maybe it was from the sugar. I tend to drink a lot of diet coke so it's probably not caffeine. It didn't feel like my heart racing so much as a distinct fluttering above it - it was just weird.

I'll take my pulse next time it happens to see if it's really my heart racing. Just hopefully it won't happen (I'd rather not see a doctor about it as I feel like I'm going to get into a fight over how I eat - they are usually thrilled to see you've lost weight, but say the word "Atkins" and they all get uptight)


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Me too - was a major diet coke drinker but stopped altogether in August. Today, had about a third of a small bottle and I can feel the old heart fluttering away. Getting loads of water down me now to combat it...

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