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I don't know any answers, I just do know that I appreiciate everyones advice and sharing there experiences....
I am still struggling, I've gain another 3lb over the last few weeks, so I suppose it could be a blessing I havn't gain more....

I some times think, because I panice and stress so much when I try to do SS, then perhaps this time I should try for a time another diet... and look at it again if the weigh loss slows down or I feel stronger....
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Call me Nicky xx
I believe that dieting is not a battle of willpower but finding the right one for you and one that you feel you can stick to. If you feel you need more flexiability than SS then you could move up the plans for a while and then move back down to SS when you feel you are ready. Alternatively you could look at WW, SW and RC where no food is banned but you eat with a structure. All diets have benefits and drawbacks, CD for instance is a all or nothing diet on the whole, it works for you if you work with it. SW for instance has a little more flexibilty but the losses are slower.

Sorry that sounds a bit preachy and it really wasn't meant to.. I am going to shut up now.

Good luck though xx


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Thanks\Nicky... The cd plan which give 2lb weight loss a week ie 1000 or1200 dont appeal to me as they are to boring. would rather do the SS and have the weightloss, but brain won't do it when heart trys..........

Been thinking on and off about WW, but wanted to check out the losses for people who really stick to it...

Good luck on SW.... and you didn't preach.

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