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Food, anyone else have this...


It doesn't sound corny at all - that's lovely to want to do it for your Mum.....I'm sure she'll help you through it so you know you have all the support you need from her. We'll be on hand too, if you need a little extra. Thanks for sharing.


S: 20st13lb C: 13st10lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(34.47%)
So, as anyone else who sought out the CD, got to the point they just hated food, because of all the other diets just messing your head up about food?[/quote]

Oh yes...I know exactly what you mean.
In fact my very 1st post on Minimins (it was either last boxing day or new years eve!) I talked about being 'food drunk' cos I had eaten so much food just because it was there....in fact I think I had stopped tasting it (does that make sense?) just cramming it in:eek: I was sitting here thinking " well...here we are...another year has passed....and i've still not done anything about my weight. I figured well, time has flown by and it could have flown by just as fast if I had been dieting!!!
Nearly 7 months later my ticker speaks for itself:D
Good luck on your journer...I am sure your Mum will be the angel on your shoulder cheering you on!!



Trying to stay positive..
I was never a skinny kid. My weight problems began when I moved to the US (what a shock...;D) at the age of 7- I am from Poland, and I moved to the US with my mom for a year, shortly after the collapse of Communism, so u know, I discovered french fries, MacDonalds, crisps, Lucky Charms, all the stuff we did not yet have in Poland, and as any other normal kid at that age- I wanted to try it all:) Then I started gaining massive amounts of weight about 4-5 years ago. I had quite severe depression that lasted for around 2 years, which I never had treated, since I don't believe in shrinks and psychology (sorry if I offended anyone:D), and I just started over-eating I guess. I gained around 30kg in 3 years, and wasn't able to shed the weight, which caused me to eat yet again- kind of like a vicious circle:) Now that I'm feeling better, I decided to go on this crazy diet, and hopefully will be able to lose all the excess weight I gained over the years:)


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good luck on your cd journey, your mum will be so proud of you, you are taking control of your life again.xx well done.xx


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Let me tell you a little story...

When my Mum was alive, i was a very slim woman who went to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, when my Mum sadly passed away, she was my best friend, and i stopped going to the gym, stopped giving a sh** about my life, and the weight piled on, like nothing else, so the past 8 years i have put on about 5 stone, all my own doing, but comfort and grieve is a hard pill to handle, when life isn't worth living.

So just the start of this year, i have got a great job, got my hair cut in a nice style, had hilights, and get dressed up every day to go into the office.

So now i need to work on the 5 stone, need to lose at least 4 of them.

And instead of doing it for myself, i am going to do this for my Mum's memory, it might sound corny, and it really is not meant to sound this way.

I may need you to keep me going, cos i did binge, and i did seek comfort in food.

I have tried all diets, and before i got wind of the CD, i got to the point, that i hated food, has this happened to anyone else, other than fruit where i could eat it all day long, but i had a constant bloated stomach from the fruit i guess.

So, as anyone else who sought out the CD, got to the point they just hated food, because of all the other diets just messing your head up about food?

I totally understand what you are saying. I lost my dad last year and a combination of grief plus medication I have been put on, has made my weight balloon up.

I find myself eating but not really enjoying it then I ask myself why am I doing this to myself. I feel like food is my enemy and I don't want it to get the better of me.

Its not corny to do it in the memory of your mum. I think its a great idea, I was thinking a similar thing. My dad lived in Barbados and the last image he saw of me was a photo where I was slim.

Look forward to you posting your progress :)


S: 20st13lb C: 13st10lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(34.47%)
Thanks for the reply and rep MiniMe:D

I just know you are gonna do well:)

I am just as shocked with how fast the months have flown by this year.....but for good reasons this time!!


S: 20st13lb C: 13st10lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(34.47%)
How tall are you hun? you been doing that 6 months or more? abit more then eh, adding up quickly as i type, TOTM i always put on 6lbs of water, so that will be interesting, as its very close! How do you feel losing all that weight?

Your welcome on the rep! x
Hey you:)
I am 6ft (well 5ft11 and a bit!)
Before CD I hardly drank any water but since CD I have on average 5lts a day and I have found I don't retain water at TOTM as much as I used to (still crave carbs like a mad woman:eek:) had a couple of rough TOTM's but all in all my PMT has gone and I intend to keep up with the water!
I started my 'prep' on 1st jan then CD a week later so end of this month 7 months exactly. I have 'unofficialy' exceeded my target but I will wait for my official weigh-in tomorrow:eek:
How do I feel losing the weight.....sounds strange but it's a difficult question to answer? I FEEL great, I LOOK great (even if I do say so myself:rolleyes:) I have spent a fortune shopping for new clothes. Each time I went down a size I kept thinking " well this is an achievement but I cant see myself getting to the next one"...then b*gger me I did:eek: ( started at a 22/24 am now 12 on top 14 on the bottom) I don't recognise myself in photos and I don't avoid cameras anymore.
When I get attention from the opposite sex I don't assume it's cos they are about to 'take the p*ss' I now smile back and there are some interesting developments on the horizon;).
I have been bombarded with compliments and at times it has made me uncomfortable, but I am 'learning' to say thank you and accept them....my head has caught up with my body!!!
I have some concerns about maintaining, but I was a gym addict before CD (just rewarded myself too much with food afterwards:eek:) and I do 3-4 gym sessions a week now and I love it!
So....all in all....It is the best thing I have ever done....and I will cherish the achievement!!
(Hope this wasn't too self-indulgent:eek:)


Trying to stay positive..
Well, I'd love to move back to Poland after finishing my masters degree, and I think that is what I'm gonna do:) the only thing I'm worried about is my career, since I am gonna do a masters in Strategic Studies this year, and I've already completed my bachelors in International Relations and South East Asian Studies, and it will be pretty hard finding a job in my field. I'd have to work someplace like Brussels, or Switzerland... But I really want to go back to my home town, so I guess as long as I can survive financially, I'll be happy:)

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