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Food Blenders???


Finding inspiration
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I was going to say get a hand blender too... if it's just for soups. Though some hand blenders also come with other attachments, like a dinky food processor, a whisk, etc. Those are quite handy... I have an ordinary sized food processor, but sometimes it's too big for small job, so the small one that goes with the hand blender unit is perfect.
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Another vote for hand blender! Perfect for soups as you can use them straight in the pan!


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Yep - a stick blender will be perfect for soups, otherwise you have to mess around transferring it from the pot to the food processor, which invariably doesn't have a big enough bowl meaning you have to do it in batches. And don't bother spending a fortune either, a basic one will do the job just fine.
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Yep hand blenders are so good & cheap as well. i've just used mine, I thought I had tinned toms in but didn't & I fancied fish curry for tea so (I can't believe I'm telling you this!) I boiled up some cauliflower & blended this to make my curry thick. Well it's worked & doesn't taste too bad :rolleyes:


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Yes a cheap and cheerful stick blender. Saves on washing up :D


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I have a combo blander/food processor by Anthony Worrell Thompson which was a Christmas gift. I think it would have been about £50 - which is a lot compared to a stick blender I know, but I love it. I wouldn't normally get a combo myself, but Mum said it was on offer so was about same as just a blender. Mostly use the blender (afterall it's not hard to chop stuff up) and it has a lot of settings depending on what you want to do.

But, if it is just for soups I would say the others are bang on - a stick blender will do the job. They are much less messy and a lot less money.

Unless you need it NOW why not wait til the Jan sales? Argos always have decent offers on gadgets for kitchen then.


Andy R.

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Thanks for all the advice. I went for a cheap and chearful Hand blender from tescos. Gonna make some soups this weekend. So I'll see how I get on. Hopefully i'll taste good. :)
Thanks for all the advice. I went for a cheap and chearful Hand blender from tescos. Gonna make some soups this weekend. So I'll see how I get on. Hopefully i'll taste good. :)
I have a cheap Tesco one, too. It works perfectly and I have had it for ages. I think it cost me about £7.

Tip - if you haven't used one of these before: hold the blender upright and make sure the head is under the surface of the soup before you start blending. Don't lift it out while it is still running.

(Of course, if you were going to clean the entire kitchen and wash down the walls anyway, you can ignore this suggestion! :D )

When you have finished blending the soup, it is a good idea to run the blender head under the hot tap straight away (unplug it first!) to rinse off the residue before it dries - makes it easier to clean later.

I hope you enjoy your soup.


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Yes I agree with the others, I have a stick blender that cost about a tenner a couple of years ago and it's brilliant, I wouldn't be without it.
I have a stick blender which is great, but I have asked for one of those really powerful Bamix blenders for xmas (as they are expensive). Apparently they can turn skimmed milk into the consistency of double cream - thought it would be good for syn free cake toppings. Does anyone else have one of these?


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I made soup and used a hand blender yesterday for the first time yesterday, it did the job splendidly! Only problem was the soup tasted horrible ... sweet potato and red onion soup it was and it was way too bland and I didn't have my inventive head on and couldn't think how to rescue it from it's fate of being flushed away! :eek:


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yup i have a cheap one from asda or tesco was a fiver and does the jobs for soup! infact having a bit of a soup frenzy lately! syn free warming loveliness! x

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