Food Diary for first two days


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Just checking that what i have eaten so far on extra easy is correct - i would hate to have gotten it wrong so far, not know, then not lose anything on my first week

Thurs (officially the first day - kinda started on wed but didn't have all the info so probably didn't do it correctly)

breakfast - 28g shreddies (tescos own brand) (HEB) and milk from allowance (HEA)

break - coffee made with milk from allowance (no sugar/sweetener)
orange and pear

lunch - pasta salad made up of tinned sweetcorn, pasta, lean turkey slices, light mayo (1tbsp - 2.5 syns)

snack - tea made with milk from allowance (no sugar/sweetener)

dinner - large jacket potato with tescos healthy choice low fat cottage cheese onion and chives
tesco low fat yogurt (2.5 syns)

exercise - belly dancing class 1hr

fri - extra easy

breakfast - 28g shreddies (tescos own brand) (HEB) made up with milk from allowance (HEA)

snack - pear and orange, tea made up with milk from allowance

lunch - bacholors pasta n sauce chicken and mushroom made up with milk from allowance and water (no butter or anything)
2 plums
low fat yogurt (2.5 syns)

snack - 3 plums, pear, coffee made up with milk from allowance

dinner- prawn stirfry made up with prawns, soy sauce, mangetout, baby sweetcorn, chilli, spring onions, egg noodles

2 x rose spritzers each made with 62 mls rose and diet lemonade (total 4 syns)

Please comment and let me know if this sounds ok, i think i'll cry if its wrong. I'm constantly checking my food directory as it is - i'm just not used to eating this freely
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Hi! I think you need to up the superfree content and make sure you are having it at every meal. On your first day you only had a couple of pieces of fruit and sweetcorn isn't superfree.

Aim for more variety in what you eat, so have a different breakfast every day and more variety in your fruit rather than 5 plums on the one day.

Up your syns - start out by aiming for 10-15 and see how that goes.

Your days are looking a bit 'green' at the moment so if you don't want to eat meat more than once a day you could consider moving to green to gain an extra HE but other than that it looks like you're doing fine.