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Food diary - mainly red days


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Hi Guys

I started following slimming world on the 1st of jan due to finding everyone else's food diaries good for inspiration I thought I'd start my own (have been keeping a book on it as otherwise I find I'm sneaking things!)
Have tried slimming world before mainly red days was most effective so sticking with those - have started going to the gym this week, as well as stopped smoking so will be using full syn allowances - (can't do everything at once) Looking to reduce those next week as well as reducing bread usage
Ideally looking to lose 5 stone aiming for this by end of august

1.1.12. RED
B - none (hungover)
L - Prawn omelette
T - prawns lettuce @ avocado
Roast beef, roast veg, small roasties
One small spoonful of baileys cheesecake
APPROX 10 syns for roast dinner
No hex A / hex B

B - bran flakes (hex B)
Semi sk milk (hex A)
L - ham & boiled egg
T - tesco hot & spicy chicken wings (5 syns)
Late snack - grilled steak, sprouts, cauliflower
Snacks - pomegranate
- ww mini hoops (3.5 syns)
Syns - 8.5, 1 x hex A, 1 x hex B

3.1.12 back to work!
B - bran flakes, semi sk milk (hex A & B)
Snack - banana
L - wholemeal 400g hex B (3 so 3 syns also)
3 extra light cheese triangles (hex A)
Plum tomatoes, mullerlight, ham, lettuce
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
T - lamb steak, soy sauce light
Beansprouts, mushrooms
Orange, strawberries - dessert
Late snack - alpen light (3 syns)

Syns - 9.5, hex A - 2, hex B - 2

Wed 4.1.12

B - 2 alpen light (hex B)
D - 3 whlml slice (hex B + 3 syns)
Laughing cow light x 3 (hex A)
Ham & lettuce, mullerlight
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
T - stir fried light soy sauce peppers mushrooms beansprouts
Tesco hot spicy chicken wings (6 syns)

GYM - 30 mins resistance
Syns - 12.5, hex A x 2, hex B x 2

Thursday 5.1.12
B - bran flakes (hexa)
Semi skim milk (hexb)
L - whlml x 3 (hexb + 3 syns)
Ham, lettuce, mullerlight,
laughing Cow (Hexa)
ww hoops (3.5 syns)
T - stir fried beansprouts peppers mushrooms light soy sauce
2 laughing cow triangles (rest of hexa from earlier) stuffed in chicken breast with 2 rashers bacon wrapped around

Strawberries, orange

Syns - 6.5, hexa x 2, hexb x 2

Friday 6.1.12
B - 15g bran flakes dry, alpen bar (hexb)
L - 3 whlml slice (hexb + 3 syns)
Tinned salmon, lettuce, mullerlight
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
Snack alpen light (3 syns)
T - SW kfc chicken using 3 x whlml (hexb + 3 syns)

Syns - 12.5, hexb x 2, hexa x 2

Weigh in for me on Sunday, not expecting big loss this week as generally put in slightly when start going gym also have verb very bloated due to on/off doing Atkins for last 6 months not used to eating this many carbs! So any loss roll be a good one this week, now I have had a week to adjust to being off the cigarettes am going to try and cut down bread next week too......
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Saturday's Food

B - bacon and fried egg (1 syn)
L - cauliflower, sprouts, youngs cod in parsley sauce (1.5 syns
T - chicken & spinach omelette

Milk in coffee - hex a
No Hexb
Syns 2.5


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Purple*Tortoise said:
Sunday's Food ( - still all red days)

B - bran flakes (hexb)
Semi sk milk (hexa)
D - youngs cod in parsley sauce (1.5 syns)
Sprouts & cauliflower
T - planning SW kfc chicken (using 2 whlml as hexb). Lots of lettuce/cucumber/peppers

Snack for later - mullerlight

Syns - 1.5
Hexa - 1
Hexb - 2
40 mins resistance work at gym


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Monday's Food - 9th January

Red again

B - bran flakes (hexa)
Semi sk milk (hexb)
D - omelette with ham, spinach & 3 laughing cow triangles (hexa)
T - gammon & 2 fry light eggs, sprouts, cauliflower
Ww hoops - 3.5 syns

2 x hexa
1 x hexb
3.5 x syns

First week weigh in - 4 pound down
Will decrease bread consumption in hope of increasing loss next week


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Tuesday 10th Jan

B - 2 alpen bars (hexb)
D - 3 whlml (hexb + 3 syns) smoked wafer ham, Laughing cow light x 3 (hexa)
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
T - gammon, 2 fry light eggs
Cauliflower, sprouts
Snack one slice whlml with tinned red salmon & vinegar (3
Bits of milk in coffees

9.5 syns
2 x hexa
2 x hexb


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Wed 11th jan - red

B - 2 alpen light (hexb)
Milk in coffee (hexa)
Snack - apple
D - 3 x whlml (hexb & 3 syns)
Red salmon, 2 x mullerlight
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
T - pork steak, fry light egg, spinach
2 laughing cow light (hexa)
Late snack - blueberries / strawberries / grapes
Ww s&v crinkle crisps (4 syns)

Syns - 10.5
Hexa - 2, Hexb - 2

Thursday 12th jan

B - banana, 2 x weeteabix (hexb)
semi sk milk (hexa)
D - 3 x whlml (hexb & 3 syns)
3 x laughing cow light (hexa)
Wafer ham, mullerlight
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
Snack banana
T - pork steak, 2 fry light eggs, sprouts, cauliflower, orange
Snack banana, Ww crinkle crisps (4 syns)

Syns 10.5
Hexa x 2, hexb x 2


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Friday 13th Jan

B - 2 x alpen light (hexb)
D - 3 x whlml (hexb & 3 syns)
Ham, LCL x 3 (hexb)
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
5pm - Banana
6pm - alpen light x 1 (3 syns)
T - SW kfc chicken (2 whlml 6 syns)
Chicken breast, romaine whole lettuce
Milk in coffee - hexa

Syns 15.5
Hexa - 2, hexb - 2

Saturday 14th January
B- scrambled egg (2 egg) milk - hexa
3 rashers of bacon
5pm (lunch) mullerlight
T - tin of stewed steak
Sprouts, bag if steamed cauli, broccoli, carrots
Late snack 9pm - pomegranate, green & black grapes,
Ww choc eclairs x 2 (8 syns)

Syns - 8
Hexa - 1, hexb - 0
Not a very hungry day didn't really need the choc eclairs just felt like a Saturday night treat!

Weigh in due on Monday!!!!!!


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Sunday 15th -still RED

B - bran flakes (hexb)
s sk milk (hexa)
D - cod in parsley sauce (1 syn)
Green beans
Snack - a pepper
T - fry lite mushrooms,Chicken, 2 bacon,
LCL x 2 (hexa)
Late snack - Ww crinkle crisps (4 syns)
Ww choc whip (2.5 syns)


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Hope you get the result you want tomorrow morning. 4lb last week was a great start x


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Thanks, result wasn't bad, 3lb so that's half a stone in 2 weeks! Pretty pleased with this coupled with being off the cigarettes! x

Monday 16.1.12 RED - very hungry today!

B - 2 x alpen (hexb)
D - 3 x whlml (hexb & 3 syns)
3 x LCL (hexa)
sliced chicken breast, lettuce
Mullerlight x 2
Ww hoops (3.5 syns)
Snack - grapes
T - sprouts, cauliflower, tin of stewed steak
Hexa milk in coffees

Syns - 6.5, hexa - 2, hexb - 2


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Tuesday 17th Jan

B - ready Brek (hexb)
S sk milk (hexa)
D - 3 whlml (hexb & 3 syns)
Ham, lettuce, 3 x LCL (hexa)
2 kiwis & banana
Walkers baked crisps (5 syns)
T - stewed steak, sprouts, cauliflower


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Wednesday 18th Jan

B - bran flakes (a) s sk milk (b)
Snack - mullerlight
D - 3 x whlml (b & 3 syns)
Chicken breast
Ww crinkle crisps (4 syns)
Snack - grapes
T - stewed steak, sprouts, cauliflower


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B - 2 x alpen lights
D - 3 x whlml (hexb & 3 syns)
3 x LCL (hexa)
Wafer thin ham, lettuce
Velvet crunch (4 syns)
T - tinned stewed steak
Cauliflower, sprouts
milk in coffees - hexa
7 syns
2 hexa / 2 hexb


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Friday - ooops!

B - 2 x alpen bars (hexb)
D - 3 x whlml (3 syns & hexb)
3 x LCL, (hexa)
ham, lettuce
Velvet crunch (4 syns)
Tea - felt the need for a treat!
3 pieces of garlic bread with cheese
Chips and chicken burger with lettuce
Bag of Wotsits
Approximate 10 double gins

Assuming syns at 70 for the day - was worth it for a treat, back on it Saturday!


Saturday's food

B - 4 x rashers bacon, 2 fry light eggs
2 whlml slices (hexb)
D - banana
T - stewed steak, sprouts, cauliflower
2 satsumas

Probably late snack of velvet crunch later ( 4 syns )

Syns - 4
Hexb - 1
Hexa - 0


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Sunday 22nd Jan

B -Bran flakes (b) s sk milk a
D- walkers baked crisps (5 syns)
Snack - 6 seafood sticks, kiwi
T - Iceland chicken in gravy (0.5 syns)
130g spinach boiled
Punnet of mushrooms (dry fried)

Syns 5.5
Hexa 1
Hexb 1

Weigh in the morning........


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Sunday's snacks after tea.....suddenley very hungry didn't have time for much at dinner as was out shopping

1 x whlml slice (half of B)
1 x LCL (A)
1 x alpen light (half of B)
Space raiders (5 syns)

Final 10.5 syns
2 hexb 2 hexa


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Weigh in did not go well!
Weighed in at 1 pound UP - (should have expected a gain due to naughty tea and alcohol Friday however when I ad a sneaky weigh in Friday morning I had lost another 3 pound at that point so thought I might have gotten away with a pound off or sts. To the extent of disbelief where I ignored it and got weighed again ties morning - still one pound on! Time to stop being childish, strop over and carry on!
Need to focus on still having lost 6 pound in total this month abs hopefully next Monday getting a good result
Plus I may have caved in to good food on Friday but at least I didn't smoke ;) 24 days ;)
Back to the diary then!

Monday 23rd Jan Food - still RED!
B - ready Brek (b) s sk milk (a)
Snack - banana
Late lunch - 3 x whlml (b & 3 syns)
3 x LCL (a) wafer ham, 3 eggs
Walkers baked crisps (5 syns)
Mullerlight, 2 x kiwis
T - stewed steak, cauliflower, broccoli
Late snack grapes, alpen light (3 syns)

(then a bag of space raiders 5 syns due to sulking about the gain!)

Syns - 16, 2 hexa, 2 hexb

Tuesday - planning food for next fee days to keep on track and avoid sulking putting me off!

B - bran flakes (b). S sk milk (a)
Snack banana
D - Iceland beef in gravy (free)
Steamed bag of veg
T - omelette - spinach, 3 egg, mushroom, 2 peppers, ham, 3 x LCL

Late snacks if needed - grapes, 2 alpen bars (hexb)
No syns - if desperate for snack watching shameless then bag of walkers light!

Wednesday is planned also, will be planning one day ahead for rest of week to see if it makes a difference.....
In the plan is ........
* eating less bread as I know thus never helps me!
* less fruit as sometimes slows loss on me
* less crisps
* more fish as has previously seemed to increase losses when eaten more
* drink more water


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Although after all that sulking I should say am pleased to see not only having lost 6 pounds in 24 days the inch loss is starting to show......
1" off waist, 2" off hips, 2" off back so no sulking really required! Measurements will keep me happily on plan until next weigh in - stuff the scales ;)