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Food diary :)

Right so far today ( I'm going to attempt an ee day!!)

2 bananas
1 pear
1 kiwi fruit
1 orange :)

Just had 12 tic tacs for 1 syn
Hazelnut options 2 syns total 3 syns

Salmon salad with toffee mullerlight for pud

Syn free sausage and baked beans casserole with mushroom, peppers, leeks and passata with 100 g instant mash 1/2 syn and 2 butter buds 1 syn

So total so far today 4 1/2 syns

Oops nearly forgot just having a fruit shoot that's 1/2 syn and 2 satsumas so that's 5 syns :)

Just having a cadbury low calorie hot choc 2 syns taking me to a total of 7 today, feel quite proud of myself!!

Using all my milk allowance today for cuppas!! B choice fibre plus bar
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Saturday 22nd jan

:) hooray just checked telephone banking and the wages have gone in two days early!! Which is brill cuz it means I might get up in a bit to go food shopping!! I know it's sad but I can't really sleep! Plus I'm happy cuz I've been paid a little bit more than usual with it being Christmas last month!!
Well just got back from shopping and unpacked!!! Still can't believe it's only 7am!! I've just brought some skinny cow dipper things like mini milk there GORGEOUS!! Had one as my shopping treat!! At 68 kcals that 3.5 syns :)

42g Alpen (b) and milk 1/2 a choice
Skinny cow dippers 3.5
Cup of peppermint tea

Snack plum
7 pitted olives 1 syn
Eeek just given in to a skinny cow caramel shortcake lolly at 93 kcal that's 4.5 syns so I'm Upto eight already and it's not even lunch!! Mind you on the plus side the old me would have had a Mcdonalds breakfast!! So fingers crossed for the rest of the day :

Upto 9 now with the olives!!!

Just come in from a day out shopping with the grandparents and was starving marvin so thought id try one of the quorn beef and onion burgers I've never had them before but it was gorgeous!!
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Wow, you were up early... I'm still lying in bed contemplating the day ahead... So much to do, so little time etc!! 8.45 was my set time to get out of bed... I've got 6 minutes!!!
Sunday 23rd :)

Lunch we went to my nans and I had some fresh pineapple!! Yummy :) didn't really fancy much else. Just had a glass of milk so that's my first a gone then a fibre plus bar so my 1st b choice,, tea is going be syn free chips, peas, poached egg and b choice White fish also had some crisps for 4.5 syns :) Damm another shortcake lolly taking me to 9 syns


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Monday 24th January

Ah weigh in day has finally arrived :D

I'm going to go for a EE day today. I've already made a BLT sandwich to take with me to weigh in cuz by that time I'm hungry!!

B choice.2 slices thick wholemeal ww bread

Sf lettuce, tomato
F: 2 rashers of bacon (fat removed)

I've also treated myself to a flask this weekend ..woo hoo!! Just so I can take a drink for after weigh in!!!

Syns: just had a hazelnut options 2 syns I've decided I'm making today a green day instead, so so far I've had just one b choice with bread and 1/2 b choice with bacon :D

For tea I had chicken casserole with Yorkshire pud 4.5 syns just had some sliced orange yummy and used my a choices combined to make cheese and pickled onions on sticks :D rather scrumptious
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Going for green again today :) haven't used all my 1st a choice so got a drop left for a cuppa!!

Just made a sw quiche for lunch and ate it all!! Oops made it with lf cottage cheese, tomato. Leek, mushroom, pepper and carrot oh and 42g low fat cheddar a choice. :) I've had 2 lunches now just had one piece of bread 5 syns marg 2 syns and spaghetti (free) followed by a hobnob!! Oops so I'm upto 10.5 syns used today one a choice and one b choice!!

Also just had a banana and ff Nat yoghurt x


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