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Food Focus?


i really don't know life
i thought i'd post this here rather than just the calorie counting sub forum as i reckon quite a few of us use this.

i'm finding it a real benefit and easy to use - i love the graphs etc. and how it tells you approximately how much you lose on a daily basis :D

however, i'm doing a parallel food diary so i can jot down what i eat as and when, rather than relying on remembering what i've eaten at the end of the day.

my problem is that when i count up the calories in my own food log, there are discrepancies between my calculations and the food focus ones. i've been very careful to enter exact weights and choose the right brands of foods i've been eating, but i still seem to be eating around 200cals less on food focus than i am according to my own food diary. i don't really know what to do - does any one know the accuracy of it?

thanks - rhuba x
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Personal Trainer
Hi hun

I too use food focus, and have found discrepencies in slices of bread etc, it is not 100% accurate, but is a good guide :D


i really don't know life
yeah, i guess nothing can be completely accurate, unless you obsessively weigh every item you consume and record the exact calories.

it's just just that 200 cals a day equals 1400 a week :eek: i reckon i'll just go with my own food diary and stick to the cals in that. if food focus is right, i can only lose weight by doing that, can't i?

must....get past.....the plateau.....

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