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It would be between a curry or a chinese.

Mmmmmmmmm crispy duck :)
I want to go out for a romantic meal with Hubby...I can't decide what yet. I'll keep thinking about it....but definitely be having champers with it!!! ;)


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Sadly all I want is a ham sandwich, I've even dreamt about them! After that the local Toby Carvery for a roast dinner. Roll on the end of July!!

Chris. xx
Mmmmm.. Cheese & red onion sandwich on fresh white bread.
Something with melting cheese!
A homemade beef burger with cheeze... but without the bun!

That's my dream

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Mine will be a bacon sandwich with real butter and tomato sauce followed by a cadburys cream egg. Why are they next to every Bl***y shop till at the moment!! And even on the Corrie ad breaks?



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I think food adverts should be banned lol.

I should not have posted this tread because i am starving now i have read all your replies lol. All you food thoughts sound so delicious, I want them all !


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Definately a takeaway but a controlled portion not what im capable of eating now!!! Sarahxx.


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when I was on CD all I craved for a while was tuna and cucumber sandwhichs!!! he he! The ifrst time I tried it was KFC Zinger tower meal!!


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At this moment in time i have to say im craving a roast chicken dinner but that maybe because i have a chicken roasting away now for the kids and it smells so nice. Im usually a T bone steak and pepper sauce kind gal.


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This thread is dangerous! lol.

Just my two cents (don't mean to rain on the parade. I apologise in advance :( )...

I'm on Cambridge now but I first tried Lighterlife a couple of yrs ago..and tried and tried. lol. Any way, my counsellor also tried it many times and failed, so we had a lot in common. She finally went on to lose her weight by doing a mix of LL, eating healthily and a lot of exercise but eventually started to put it back on because as soon as she almost reached her goal, when she started feeling good in her clothes/skin, she fell back into the same habits as before. Just before she started her 'journey' again she was talking to counsellors and psychiatrists connected to lighterlife (as part of her training) and she realised something and told me that when you want to lose weight, on any diet, you think about the fact that you can't wait to eat whatever you want again and imagine all the things you're going to eat. Not only can that sometimes cause you to fall off and go and eat all of those things, but if u do stick to the diet and more or less deprive yourself of food because (1) you can't wait to get it off and 'out of the way' and (2) you're thinking so much about what you're gonna stuff your face with when you're done, (because you think that you'll be looking good so you can eat whatever you want) then you're going to put the weight back on cause you haven't taught yourself anything - what are your triggers for overeating? what of the wrong foods did you eat and how often? how are you going to change that when you've reached goal? do you really want to have to go through this again?...basically, you have to educate yourself about food and teach yourself control while you're on this diet. So that when you come off you know that eating healthily, maybe treating yourself on the weekends, starting some form of exercise will keep the weight off.

This isn't just a diet, it's a new lease of life and who the hell wants to do this more than once? What's the point in losing all this weight if you're gonna fall back into the same habits of eating all the wrong things? There are a lot of people on here who have lost a lot of weight and are back again because they put some if not all the weight back on again...and a lot of them know that the second time is always harder. Some got to a certain weight (which was not their goal) and felt good so decided to stop there or take a break and then before they knew it the weight was creeping back on.

Some reach goal and then think the journey can end there but because they are still eating what they ate before the diet the weight creeps back on because they didn't do management (food edumacation. lol). Being skinny does not make us exempt from weight gain. Make sure you reach your goal and then do management. I know in some cases things happen - family crisis etc but let's not allow food to control us anymore. We have to be in control.

We all love food here and we all eat it for the same (or different) reasons. Bottom line is that food is not our friend. It doesn't solve our problems and it doesn't do any wonders for our figures. lol. I love food but put my weight on during each of my 3 pregnancies but doing this diet this time around (I never got passed day 2 :sigh: ), has forced me to start educating myself and I don't think about what I'm going to eat when I've reached goal. I think about how the journey really begins after I've lost the weight. I think about keeping it off. I think about what I'm NOT going to eat cause I sure as hell don't plan to lose almost 8 stone just to put it back on again (just because I love the taste of food...and believe me, I love the taste of food!!!). The reason I had so many false starts on CD was because I constantly thought about food and what I was missing out on. Then I'd eat it and feel like crap. I don't eat because I'm depressed, I eat cause I love to taste food. Simply! Actually, sometimes I eat out of boredom. This CD journey is also like going to see a shrink on a daily basis. lol.

So, try not to think so much about what you're missing and what you're looking forward to eating. The real test is changing your habits because it's the only way it's going to stay off for life.

Lecture over...

Jessica Rabbit72

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I couldn't agree with you more Trini Divine and couldn't have put it better myself as here I am 4th time of restarting!!!

I met skinny cow at my local CD (who is lovely and great cos she is so full of the first time enthusiasm that you can never recreate on a restart) and said exactly the same thing to her of the only tips I have are get to goal and do management properly or she will end up like me.

But in response to skinny cow - ecclestons vanilla slices!!! my downfall every time I fall off the wagon. so will not be 'rewarding' myself with one this time - it wwill have to be a pamper session of one kind or another!!!


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I agree with Trini Divine but at some point we all have to reintroduce food back into our diet. Im personally missing veg and fruit more than anything and cant wait to introduce them again, it all the other junk food that I will hopefully only occasionally be eating in the future. I now know that Im the main person who eats the bread and butter in this house and that will certainly be stopping. Its a case in the long run of getting the balance right


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Hi All,

Well what have i started!

Hi Trini,

I totally agree with all you said, but on the other hand i am thinking of when i decide to come off the diet, for one day only, what i want for that day. The rest of the day's i intend to join ww and carry on with my journey. This in itself will help me as i have never been a goal member at ww and want to get weighed on a regular basis to maintain my weight.

I personally have never, on any diet, thought about what i want to eat when getting to goal because i usually fail before i get there and cheat by eating rubbish for a few days after weigh in and then cutting back before weigh in. With CD you are not eating any food and will not be eating much on AAM. So for my treat as soon as i decide i have lost enough on CD i am going enjoy a day off.

I have got to learn not to fear food but to enjoy it, i just have to eat unhealthy things in moderation as it is the unhealthy things we constantly eat that get us here in the first place.

Jessica Rabbit - good luck with re start, it was lovely meeting you last week. One vanilla slice once in a while is ok, just dont eat the tray full x You look fantastic and have not got that far to go so keep up the good work x