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Attack Food help please....

I have a few questions about allowed food on the attack phase and hope that one of you Dukan 'legends' can help...

1. Am I allowed to munch in Beek Jerky (the dried beef)

2. Going out for an Indian on Friday. I am thinking of having tandoori chicken. Is this allowed? It is a dry dish, no sauce and the chicken is flavoured with Indian spices. If not, no great deal as I can eat before we go out.

3. What oat bran are you using? After scanning the shelves of my local Tesco and Sainsburys I could only find porridge oats but it would seem that I am not allowed these. The book says that porridge oats are slightly more refined than what he suggests but he doesn't say 'no'. If you could post a picture of the packaging of the oat bran you use then at least I would know wha i am looking for on the shelves.

Thank you in advance....
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Beef jerky: perfect snacking food, just make sure there's no sugar in the curing spices.
Tandoori chicken: probably the best choice you can make when eating Indian food on this diet. Don't be tempted by the rest of the menu.
Oat bran: I'm afraid only oat bran will do. There seems to be a bit of a shortage of it at the mo. Try the wholefoods section in Tesco or next to the oats. If they don't have it ask them to order it for you, they can 99% of the time.
You seem to be pretty much on top of this.

Cheers Locket.

I thought I was on top on this but I seem to be making some rookie mistakes.....thank goodness for you guys.

It's back to Tesco tomorrow for some proper oat bran, (disgusting) plain yogurt and some beef jerky!!!

Stuff it, I'll do the 20 mile trip to the HUGE Asda....they are bound to have more choice than my little Tesco.
It always seems daunting at first. Why do you think the rest of us are here? We didn't join cos we had all the answers, I still don't!!!
Plain yogurt really isn't that bad. Sweeten to taste and get some vanilla flavouring from down the baking aisle. It really is nice. Also try some quark, they sell that at ASDA too.
Not sure you're gonna find oatbran at ASDA either, I've not heard anyone say they've found their supply there. You're gonna have to try a big Tesco or a health shop (independent ones seem to have the best supply at the mo). If you can't get it, don't panic, just get some when supplies come back.

I also used to hate plain yogurt - then I discovered Zero Fat Greek Yogurt and fell in love.
fat free Onken Vanilla flavoured yoghurt is not okay it has sugar in the form of Fructose Syrup in it.

Oatbran, in tesco they have their own brand, its in a smallish clear bag, sainsburys do mornflake, in an orange tube, about the size of a pringles can. Not sure about asda. Holland and Barrett and other healthfood places do it too.


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