1. wana_be_skinny_mummy

    wana_be_skinny_mummy Full Member

    Hi JUDDers

    Just wondered if we could start a food ideas and recipes chat? I am really really struggling with my DDs and need to sit and write out some plans for food. So if anyone has any great receipes or menu ideas they wana share I would be forever in your debt!
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  3. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Vegetables are really filling and low cal! I make chunky vegetable soups because they fill you up and making a big match split over meals works out really low!

    White fish Fillets are low too!
  4. missgalaxy

    missgalaxy Yummy Mummy! xx

    Soup seems to be a really popular option in DD's. I like the WW tomato soup and it's only 76cals a tin. I also love the little Greek lemon yoghurts - 70cals a yoghurt and yummy for something sweet! X
  5. 2012willdoit

    2012willdoit 2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes

    It might be a bit quiet here but if you look up, all the way up, you will find a recipes forum!

    Up and Down Days are all covered - happy reading :D

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