Food in the Workplace

Is anyone else a teacher and struggling with the constant supply of cakes and sweet things in the staff room? This week alone we've had two birthdays and a pot luck lunch! I managed to not eat any of the cakes but the lunch was a nightmare! I ate my entire daily allowance at lunch. I have such little willpower I really struggle sometimes :(
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I work in a secondary school. Alas no cakes in our staff room. I suffer with the fact that so often, I cannot stop for lunch at all. This week is charity week. I am supervising events with out 6th form every luchtime and breaktime. I cannot stop and grab and go. It makes life so difficult. I know some will say you are entitled to half hour, but tell that to the students, who are all working so hard!!


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I am in the same situation, I work in an ASD unit with it's own kitchen. Last week I managed to resist cakes, choc biscuits and celebrations, I did cave in when I baked with the kids last week and I went for the remains of the cake mix in secret!
This morning we created a cafe for the kids as a reward and made a full English breakfast, I stuck with my special k and grapefruit and I have just had to leave the staff room to avoid the mini chocolate brownies and millionaires shortcake that has been deposited. I know if I stay I will eat one and it will then be 2, then 3...

I don't know what to suggest except maybe having some low point cakes and biscuits handy for such occasions, at least. If you eat a whole pack you haven't used up yr daily allowance. X x


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Im not a teacher but did used to be a carer for the elderly. I used to take packed lunches with me so id be fully pointed all day. Then meal times come round. It was bad especially in winter. Mince and tatties often beat my packup im afraid.