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Red Days Food Intolerence

Hi, can anyone help as I have IBS and might have an intolerence to starch which means no bread, no cereals, pulses or potatoes (which are all the foods I love). Would really like some receipes that are interesting, rather than there's the meat and there's the salad. Thank you in advance if anyone has any ideas. :grouphugg::grouphugg:
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i dont know if instant mash is classed as potatoes i know its supposed to be mashed potatoes but if you can eat that someones just posted a fab sausage roll reciepe!! i cant wait to try it,
have you tried the free from ranges in supermarkets? you could try their stuff to make your normal foods?
sorry im not much help but good luck

oh one i do eat on a red day is babybel chopped and mixed with onion and garlic and stuffed inside a chicken breast and eat with lots of yummy veg


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Hi, can anyone help as I have IBS and might have an intolerence to starch which means no bread, no cereals, pulses or potatoes (which are all the foods I love). Would really like some receipes that are interesting, rather than there's the meat and there's the salad. Thank you in advance if anyone has any ideas. :grouphugg::grouphugg:

Same here! Although after a while off them I can have them in small doses again so long as they are whole meal etc. My IBS went acute and my intestines spasmed so I know exactly what you mean. I was constantly told it was dairy and stress until about 4 years ago and realised between me, my housemate ( who noticed I'd vanish to the loo after pasta dinners lol) and a new gp it was starch and wheat.

Replace spuds with butternut squash, celeriac and sweet potato. Cut pasta out completely for a while then try small portions of whole meal. Same with bread and rice although I found I was ok on wild rice. I'm also ok with wholemeal pitta.

Good luck! My quality of life improved so much once the above was sorted. For a long time, I just had veg and salad with everything.


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... Just to add, I don't know about you but the pain and hours spent in the loo and social embarrassment at excusing myself just wasn't worth the foods I then loved.
Thank you so much, I don't know anyone else that has this problem. I'm at the stage of cutting everything out at the moment, didn't realise how many foods have starch added to them. Or that when you cook veg it releases the starch (didn't pay attention to that part at school lol) Potatoes do seem to be a problem and pasta is a no-go. So yes it's salad, fruit and veg with meat which isn't that bad really but it does get a little boring. So any recipes or ideas is really appreciated.

Thanks again, and yes social life is affected when you have to go home or lay down because you feel so ill, bloated and in pain.

Take care and good luck with your goal weight :)

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I have recently (just over Xmas) realised that I have developed an intolerance to fresh pineapple. Kept having a little and making me have really bad stomach pains and loo visits. So I have stopped having it, feel a lot better, but am really missing it. I used to look forward to it but its just not worth the pain. It spoilt my New Years Eve as I was unable to go out through feeling so unwell. It has just built up and got worse and worse. Strange these intolerances arent they?:sigh::sigh::sigh:


I also have IBS and can't look at bread or ordinary pasta. I can eat wheat free pasta however and the large supermarkets have a good range of free from foods. I live in portugal so have to stock up when I am in the uk. Genius bread is wheat free and not bad, much better then the hard brick like loaves around! You do get used to not eating starchy food and I agree with Applekath, the hours spent in the loo really aren't worth eating certain foods.


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Strawberry, it's more common than you'd think, people just don't talk about being in so much pain until your guts explode in the bathroom lol.

The other thing I found that was the devils work for me was cheap nasty Chinese take aways. I think it's all the MSG in them.However I'm fine if we go to the nicer place up the road that costs more! I don't mind sharing this as it was my lowest moment with IBS that made me take a stand ....

Had a Chinese at my friends, within half hour got that low down knowing pain. Uh oh, the bathroom was through the kitchen and a bit of a lads night was going on in there with people I didn't know. Firstly I potentially knew how long I could be in the loo for and secondly knew it could stink. I would be mortified so decided to go home, a five min walk away. Got less than a min away from my house and lost control. Thankfully it was dark and nobody saw me. I sobbed and sobbed as I threw my jeans away and washed myself off in the shower. Socks, pants and flip flops also had to be thrown. Honestly! 29 years old, this should not be happening. Never looked back from that night and the following appointment with a fantastic Gp after a couple of others had been dismissive.

I wouldn't get too hung up on what starch comes out of veg when you cook it if any of what I've said sounds familiar. It's all about cutting out bad cheap processed carbs and cutting out spuds for a while. Then slowly trying in tiny amounts one week or even month at a time, good wholemeal carbs but not for a while yet. It's only since october I've been properly back on them after over 3 yrs of not having them in my daily diet. I used to love pasta and live off it but now I'm not fussed and the texture is odd to me.

Take a look at my food diary to see what I eat these days and as I said experiment with other root veg in place of spuds.
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On and another thumbs up for genius even though I can have nimble etc now.


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I make noodles from vegetables. Using a potato peeler peel strips of carrots, courgettes, green beans and finely sliced strips of leeks. I then stir fry them, serve them on the plate and pop the meat on top.
Brown rice has very little insoluble starch. All starches should be chewed until you have an urge to swallow it. That way the starch is more able to be broken down by the body and causes far less problems. this applies to anyone who gets bloating with starchy foods. Have you tried quinoa because although it tastes like a grain it is a protein x