Food.. its soooo last year..12 pesky pounds till goal :D


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Have reached my fourteenth day of eating bugger all!!! :rolleyes:

Last two days I haven't felt as hungry, maybe I'd just got my packs and water out of sync or something for the majority of last week! Tried the CD tomato soup yesterday and liked it, and today I tried the Cranberry Crunch bar and i loved the feeling of actually crunching something.. it was a little too sweet maybe, but I don't care its way better than the playdoh LL bars! I'm totally loving the fact they're chocolate covered too!

Not started exercising yet, I usually go to the gym about 5 days out of 7, but have recently been having some rework on tattoos I have on my back, I have three which are very old, so I am having them recoloured and then when that is done I have an interlinking design to make them into one as opposed to three seperate ones.. but it means that whilst they're healing I can't work out.. which is a bit of a bugger because I have way more energy on this diet then I ever had before I went on it! They most recent session has now healed so I will go to the gym tonight and just swim I think. Tomorrow I am away on business, but I have picked a hotel which has a pool and a sauna so that is cool :)

Was very lucky to find this hotel, usually when in Southampton I stay in my favourite guesthouse which is very luxurious inside... however the last time I stayed there the owner hit on me over my full english!!!! He told me all about the erotic dream he had about me the night before and that he didn't know what it was about me (possibly my boobs - yes, he did put it like that!), but he couldn't get me off his mind. He then asked where I would be for my appointments that day and if i fancied meeting him for lunch and maybe a bit of fun - he told me he was bored of his wife... nice guy huh? Seem to get this alot... I haven't worked out if it is the whole "woman travelling on her own must be bored and begging for it(wtohombbabft)" syndrome... or if it because I am top heavy that makes guys think i'm some kind of pornstar or something!! :confused:

So at least when I lose my weight.. dodgy blokes hitting on me may be a thing of the past.. unless it is the wtohombbabft syndrome.. in which case i'm stuffed until I win the lottery!

Spoke to my best mate last night and told her about the diet, she was a little negative, she said well of course you will lose weight if you're not eating, I fought the CD corner explaining i was getting a nutritionally balanced diet but very low calorie.. she sounded a little sorry for me for believing it i think!!! Maybe skinny people that have never had to worry about their weight don't understand the concept, the other two mates I have told who have had their own various weight problems totally understand. Never mind its my thoughts that count and whilst I have the willpower to do it I'm doing it!!!

Will update my weight in the morning, and do my measurements ready for the start of week 3.
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Hi Kirstin!!!

What a creep that hotel owner is!! Glad you're not going back there.
14 days on CD is great - well done and you have had a fab weight loss so far. :D

I didnt tell anyone about me doing CD until i felt confident in defending it. Now people can see the results it's getting easier :)

Good luck and keep posting. I'm with you all the way. x
End of 2nd week weigh in

Thought I'd make weigh in night Monday as that is the day and time when I would have been weighed at Lighterlife meeting... keeping it consistent!!

Weight today: 15 stone exactly

Weight loss second week = 7lbs
Total weight loss = 17lbs

New BMI = 33.9


Chest = 45" Loss 2" in two weeks
Waist = 39" Loss 2" in two weeks
Hips = 48" Loss 1.5" in two weeks

:D :D
17llb's is great ! Well done. As for that bloke - well dodgy ! :eek:
You are doing amazing travelling around and sticking to it. I always find a day out more awkward to manage so glad I don't have to travel much with work.

I got a load of concern and "are you sure a VLCD is safe ?" type comments but people can see now that I am losing and haven't crumpled into a heap so time will tell them your story!:D
Day 17

Week 3 on sole source is much easier than week 2!! Not felt hungry at all, its almost a habit really.

Just got home from business trip, there was a swimming pool at my B&B, so on Tuesday night i did 80 lengths of the pool - had loads of energy! It was amazing I even swam faster than normal. Didn't use it last night though because it was over the gravel driveway to the B&B in a converted barn.. it was damn cold last night so didn't venture over there!!!

Thanks for ur comment melissa, business trips aren't easy i guess, coz i like to treat myself at the company's expense in the evenings, but staying in isn't so bad, nights out when away are never that fantastic anyway really, all i normally do is eat a meal have a couple of glasses of wine and go back to accommodation.. so apart from missing some fine food i'm not missing that much.

Off to cinema tonight.. hopefully I won't be surrounded by people eating hotdogs and popcorn.. going to watch Saw III so that should be good.

This morning was the first time since starting the diet that I smelt bacon!!! The B&B i stayed in is a working farm (i always go for those when away - so anyone that wants a really nice and value for money stay away from home should check out yesterday mornign I was the only guest, so no smells of breakfast reached my nose.. but this morning there was another guest and he had a full english, he was in the dining room when I checked out and all i could smell was bacon.. I coped v well i reckon.

Oh and last night i dreamt of tinned tomatoes and bacon on toast.. what the hell was that about lol, i've never had that combination before .. but in the dream it tasted fantastic and i was making a total pig of myself eating it!!!
Hey Kirstin,
You have my respect for staying in B&B's and having company expenses and still sticking to your diet ! Brilliant ! I am veggie but love (or should that be loved !) a veggie fry up brekkie. I was dreaming of one only the other day but rationalised with myself that if I am good now I could have one in say 6 months or so ! I dream I am eating food too, weird but wish fulfillment without breaking the diet I guess. Sometimes its so real that I wake up and think I have eaten and I will come out of ketosis ! Sad life eh ? Have a good week, Melissa x
Well i'm hoping for a lovely dream tonight about a nice steak and homemade chips (sorry I know ur a veggie lol - I did go veggie for a whole year last year.. but it was too hard to do in the end), failing that I could dream about a gorgeous apple pie and cream, or maybe rhubarb crumble *stomach rumbles for first time this week!!*

I woke up last night thinking i'd eaten at first, was a little strange!
Weighed myself this morning and have lost 3lbs since Monday evening, total weight loss so far 20lbs.... only 7 to go and I will have lost 2 stone!!! Would love that to happen in next week and a half, as my four week anniversary of starting the diet is 13 November!

Btw anyone who likes gory horrors, should def go see Saw III, was very good... oh and the rotten animal corpses definately takes ur mind off steak and chips!
Hi Kirsten

I've just read through and noticed your weigh in results, yur doing fab, well done! :D

Week 3 and from the way you write you seem very focused - good on you!

I hope i get some good results and break into the 14's! :rolleyes:
Thanx Emmie Lou

I'm fairly well focused.. but only because i kind of have to be.. i've decided that this drastic diet is my last diet ever.. I'm never going through this again!!!!

Friday night and no pizza :/

Good luck getting into the 14's and with ur 35lbs by xmas. Have u joined the 2 stone by xmas challenge?
Hi Kirsten

Well done on your progress so far. Sounds like you're doing really well. I've just started week 3 on part 2 of my VLCD journey. Week 3 is definately where it starts to get easier. I don't know whether it's just your body adjusting or whether you have just found yourself a routine that works. I can't say that's it's all easy from this point on - you do get your moments but it's a fantastic diet and it works!

Good luck with your journey!
Thanks Sarah

I am definately finding this week easier, no hunger pangs like week 2.. still get the odd food craving though, but not so many... in fact I think i'm getting to the point where I'm worried about eating again... lol sure i'll get over it when the time comes though!!

Last nights foodie dream was a bit of a disappointment.. apart fromt he incredibly sexy guy that cooked it for me... my dream was about cabbage soup!!!!! WTF?!?!? Cabbage bloody soup! I remember that diet so well - i only managed four days before losing the will to live!!! Obviously I need to think about steak a hell of a lot more in order to dream of a nice juicy rare one, served with mushrooms and homemade chips and onion rings and peas...... *thinks nice thoughts*
Off out into town tonight... my first night out since beginning this diet! I'm driving.. to avoid any temptation from the glasses of wine calling my name!!!

Went to visit parents and sister today, got there at lunchtime.. so had to sit through parents eating their lunch.. then went round sisters, and finally explained the diet to her... I told her beforehand that I wanted no negativity as the diet is hard enough without having to stick up for myself every time! She was okay.. odd negative comment but not as bad as I expected... then she went into the kitchen and got a tub of pringles (bloody sour cream and chive too!) and proceeded to eat them in front of me!! With a loving supportive sister like mine who needs enemies.. I reckoned she thought i'd cave and have one, but I didn't, I pretended I wasn't bothered! B*TCH! lol
Well done Kirstin, glad she didn't have the satisfaction of you caving in and popping a pringle ! That really wasn't too nice of her was it ?! :eek: Enjoy being out on the razzle....plenty of sparkling mineral water for a treat ! ;) Enjoy the company and the atmosphere and don't feel too deprived.
Night out on the town minus alcohol was actually surprisingly good!!! Had a really good night. You would think some bars had never heard of water though!! I had to keep repeating myself.. I was very sarcastic by the end of the night!!! Some places didn't even sell water so I got to have free soda water!! Got home at midnight, I have to say I was hungry!!!! My stomach started rumbling - I reckon its like pavlov's dogs - an automated response! Usually before coming home I would have hit the noodle bar and had duck in honey and lemon sauce and chips.. so my stomach rumbled in protest!!!

Forgot to have my final food pack when I got in, does it matter?!

Weighed myself this morning and so far have lost 6lbs during my third week - well happy!!!

Think i need to go swap some foodpacks if my counsellor is home, I really don't like the bars much, and the only soup I like is tomato - so need to swap about 10 packs for sweet shakes!!

The pack I love is CHoc Mint! its gorgeous!
Hi Kirstin,

Fabulous weight loss!

Great iron will has well....pringles...once you start you really can't stop....well this is what I find:eek: :eek: :eek: I don't really like them, but there is something on them that makes you want another and then another...:p

When is your weigh in?

Love Mini xxx
End of week 3

oooh its my last day of week 3 :D

Will do my weigh in shortly... have just drank load of water!

Went to the gym yesterday, only managed a 10 minute run at a speed of 8.0 (is it Km per hour????!!!!) on Level 6 on Random hill program.. a few weeks back I was running 20 minutes at 8.0 although level 2 on Random hill program.. but i've had a complete break from exercise for about 6-8 weeks so I guess it would automatically decrease and of course I was probably eating about 3 billion calories a day back then as opposed to "drinking" 415 calories a day now!!! What I did find was that I wasn't red faced when I got off the treadmill and I didn't sweat as much! After my run I had a program review booked, explained the diet I was doing and that although I have loads of energy most of the time, sudden bursts of energy are practically impossible! Explained I wanted to add toning exercises to my current CV program, to make sure I don't get any saggy skin! So she set up a complete body toning program for me - 5 different upper body exercises, 3 leg exercises and 4 stomach exercises using the exercise ball mainly. Woke up this morning and I ached very slightly - felt so good!

Had intended to go swimming this morning before I started work... but the cold dark morning at 6am put me off and I went back to sleep! Just got back from gym, was going to do a 10 min run outside (training for Gt Winter Run in January) but by time i got changed i decided it was a bit chilly so thought i'd do it at gym in stead - did a 5 min warm up, then only managed to run 5 mins on the random hill program, then had to walk for two mins and run the last 3mins...:eek: didn't have a whole lot of energy!!! Maybe running two days on the trot is too much when on a vlcd?!? After that I went on the bike for 15mins on hill setting and then did my new weight program - fell really really good now!

Nothing else has happened really, not been swept off my feet by any gorgeous hunks, not won the lottery (but then haven't done it either).. been a bit hungry last couple of days - not sure why since I haven't been hungry for all of the preceding week :confused:

Def doing weigh in before bed.. didn't dare do it now, coz have drank 5 litres of water today... 2 of those in last two hours.. although I may have sweated quite a bit of that out! Ahem sorry, obviously I mean glowed!

Thanks for the comments guys, I love this site!!!
End of week 3 weigh in

Did this last night, but never got round to posting it

Weight at end of week 3 = 14 Stone 8 lbs

Weight loss this week = 6lbs

Total weight loss = 23lbs

New BMI = 32.9

:cool: Only 5 lbs to go and I will have lost 2 stone :D