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Food Overdose - I Have Most Defo Synned!

C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
I have officially had the worst week ever regarding food. Completel food overdose!

Apologies for the oncoming rant...

On Friday, my birthday tea party with the family went vitally wrong. I ate everything. I mean everything.

On Saturday at the races, I ate a few bad things, but drank myself into oblivion with cider, pimms, wine, taboo....

Then on Sunday, I ate a full box of Salt & Vinegar Pringles and a chinese takeaway!

So, I thought, that's my birthday weekend over, I had fun, now draw a line under it and get back on plan.

I struggled yesterday but managed, and today got off to a great start.

But then I walked out of the gym after a good 40 min workout...to find my friend James waiting for me. He lives down south so it was amazing to see him. He came to surprise me to take me for a belated birthday meal.

He had booked a table at my fave restaurant (pre-SW) and had pre-ordered all of my food (so I couldn't choose SW-friendly stuff).

I moaned and groaned but he actually forced me to eat them, saying he had spent all this money and he would never speak to me again if I didn't eat it cos it was his birthday present to me.

I now feel sick...I had a bread bun with lots of butter for a pre-starter, we shared a huge cheese and tomato pizza garlic bread to start, I had my pre-SW fave creamy pasta for a main, and then dessert I had a massive slice of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce, cream and ice cream.

I have actually ruined my week. I stood on the scales when I got home (stupid I know) and I was like 10st 6lbs....when at WI I was 9st 10.5lbs.....I know it's just because I'm bloated and full...but it actually made me cry.

I don't know if I can pull this round before WI on Saturday. I completely expect a gain, and I'm getting back on plan from tomorrow.

I have another belated birthday meal and drinks on Sat, but I'm going to make good choices and try to stay in plan, maybe use weekly syns but still be good.

I just don't know how I'm going to handle a gain, especially if it's gonna be so big as today's little WI. I'm so annoyed with myself. I feel like a big fat loser and not the good kind of loser!!

Now, my plan is to eat lots of veg and salad, fish, speed food..and Thurs and Fri do 45 mins exercise. See if I can stop the gain being so bad.

Anyone got any stories to cheer me up?
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Draw a line under it and start the plan again from tomorrow. Your birthday is only once a year and you enjoyed it :)
Ahh, it was sweet of him, but I would have punched him for choosing my food for me!!!

Really, there was nothing you could have done. Fate has determined that you are just going to have to shut up and enjoy your birthday celebrations. There are 51 other weeks a year where you can stick to plan, so dont worry. That gain will have settled down by WI, it will have been purely the food in your system, you would have to eat some RIDICULOUS amount of calories to put that much fat on in that space of time, so relax, keep doing what you are doing and it will right itself over the next few days and weeks.

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