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Food Rut!

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Does anyone else feel they're eating the same things all the time? I have a folder full of SW recipes either from the site or from here. I have the magazines, and a friend in work passes me some nice WW recipes every now and then so there's no reason why I stick to the same recipes.

I find that I seem to eat the same stuff all the time. I have pasta once a week and it's usually arrabiatta (I work 3 days a week so when I get in after 6pm, I want food that's fast!). I always seem to make a bolognise, and there's a sausage dinner at least once a week too.

Most of the recipes I have for new things aren't hard to make or I only need to buy a couple of items to go with what's already in my cupboards. I just find I seem to stay with the favourites all the time. Looking back over my weekly menu planners, it's all so samey.

The newest meal I made was a lasagne recipe on here from Mrs Wilsoncroft (sorry if I got your name wrong) which took ages to make but was so worth it!

Anyone else feel they seem to stick to what they know or are you all quite adventurous with your new foods?
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That is one of the great things about weekly meal planning if you can. It makes sure you are getting heaps of variety in all your meals.

I don't think it particularly matters if you are eating similiar things so long as you are sticking to the plan and getting enough superfree foods in, but you do put yourself in danger of getting a bit bored, which is the time when you are most likely to fall off plan.

Since I became with bump :), I haven't been planning my meals as much, as I find my food taste changes so often, and I can go off certain foods very quickly. But even without meal planning I do try to make sure I don't have the same things. For instance if I had some pasta at lunch I try not to have pasta again at dinner and the same goes for rice, potato, meats etc.

I do like to come up with new things though and love cooking and of course the beauty of Slimming World means we can, as we have so many free foods available to us.
I felt this a while back and I did a 'ready steady cook' thread with funcurls - we both said what was in our fridges and then the other person suggested a recipe.

I think i ended up with a Chicken and Sweetcorn pasta bake and Funcurls had some Fishcakes of sorts.

I think perhaps searching in the food diaries can give you some ideas - and as you say the magazines too.

I dont think there is anything WRONG with eating the same stuff regular - only that you will be a little bored of eating it.....i am sure its still lovely and healthy....! x


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Why not set yourself a food challenge to make one new dish once or twice a week, or every day for a week, or even every day for a month.
It is well worth the effort because it keeps the plan fresh and this is really important if you are going to do it long-term.
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You have to plan!

I have a staple of around ten favourite recipes - usually old favourite done SW-style.

Sunday roast
full English breakfast
SW-style fish & chips
Shepherd Pie
Chilli & Rice
Baked Potato
Beans on toast! (simple quick comfort food)
home made vegetable soup

A lot of the above can be frozen so always on standby.

Others include simple stuff like soft-boiled eggs & wholemeal soldiers, or a ham/cheese/egg salad.

Sometime a seafood platter.

It is all in the planning and shopping accordingly. I will usually have a store of ham, chicken or pork to vary a salad. Often a baked potato can find any a number of interesting fillings.

A couple of times per week I'll try a recipe from the magazine or books.

Just about to have fillet steak - it has been planned for a week or two now and at last the time is here;)
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Yes we have a few favourites as well ... love chicken and sweetcorn soup ... always have a roast dinner on sunday but do change the meats ... and at the moment, we are having some lovely omelettes which my husband makes for us ... we do like to try new things and new recipes throughout the month, just to keep it fresh.

We also like our puds, I love some of the ideas on here .. recently tried the chocolate pud which went down a treat with my family.
S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)
Thanks. Time to get the kettle on and go through the folder of recipes. I think I will make more of an effort to cook one new dish a week. Only 2 more weeks at work before the maternity leave starts so will try to find some new favourites so at least I can have 2 or 3 weeks worth of meals to swap around!
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I cook separate meals for me all the time, seeing i'm the only veggie in the house and i'm sure if i didnt plan on sw i would live off pasta in tomato sauce and jp and beans and fruit and bugger all else, so after group i go for a coffee and plan m meals for the week lol

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