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Food- that inescapable drug.

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Just thought I'd share some thoughts on fooood. Ones I know you know. But all the same, I think it's important to recognise how brave and strong we're being by embarking on a TFR regime.
Nobody would suggest a recovering heroin addict surrounded themselves with family and friends who were shooting up. Nobody would encourage a former alcholic to go to the pub and watch their friends get legless. But that's the difference. Food is inescapable. Even though we're trying to go 'cold turkey' it's always there. You can't walk down the street without seeing (and smelling!) a hundred temptations. And what we're doing goes against our body's will. We need food. It's our fuel. What we're doing is unnatural. I'm so tired of people saying 'why don't fat people just eat less?'. It's HARD. It's emotional/mental/psychological/physical and instead of support, those of us with weight problems are, nine times out of ten, mocked...or seen as freaks without control. I don't know about you guys but I'm tired of society (and my own demons) telling me I am disgusting.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that each and every one of you who is trying to beat your weight issues, each of you who has the courage to come on here and support one another, and share your experiences, are amazing. You are strong and you are pro-active. Keep the faith. Coming back to this forum has reminded me of the person I started to become when I started to take control of my eating. I hope and pray not to slip like last time...because LT is fantastic....and what it does for our lives/confidence etc is fantastic.

For those of you who are, like me, missing that curry or craving that monster bar of chocolate (let's face it... who ever has just one SMALL bar!?) Keep at it!! You all inspire and encourage me. I see you and read about your days and it's weird because you're strangers but yet you have lives (and emotions) that I recognise and feel so close to.

I'm proud of each and every person on this forum- you're refusing to let your issues with food rule your lives. Be proud of yourselves....each and every one of you are my heroes.

Thank you

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Doing it exante style :)
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This post made me cry (in a good way) its so true. Thank god for minimins thats what i say. When you know that people are struggling along with you or have been through what your going through it make you so much stronger. Coming on here 100 times a day (im not kidding either lol) has helped me no end.

We can all do it if we stick together ?:)

Clair x


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Lovely post and oh so true.......minimins has been a lifeline to soooo many people .....the support and friends we make even if they are cyberfriends are just so special.....


Big Loser
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Thanks for the post determined girl, this is not an easy journey at all! xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Determined Girl!!!!! Welcome back to the forum and what a great post. You said it all. It is a hard road to lose the weight and regain a sense of self. Whatever we do, we must do it for ourselves first and last. You sound as if you are in the right space to take on the challenge now so go for it girl, you will do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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What a fantastic post and you are an inspiration to yourself because you are one of us. I wish you all the success in the world:hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99:


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wow, that is so true. Thanku, I was having a rough day but you have got me back on tracks. It is sooooooooooo hard but with support we will get there! x
S: 19st9lb
Great post!!
Reading it reminded me of the in control person I became on LT,

it's so true, i wish there was a mental fix too!!
I'm just so frightened of going backwards again, it amkes me scared of going forward!



Otherwise known as Jools
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Brilliant fantastic inspirational post Determined Girl - just what is needed :D


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I totally agree with what your saying about other people - we're just the group who's issues manifested in fat other peoples troubles are just as big/niggling as ours they just can't be seen physically at first glance. I'm really starting to understand vanity now and shallowness in a way I never did. Get lost baggage my life is SIMPLE and HAPPY now from here to the end!

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