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  1. April1

    April1 Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am back on Exante again after shedding 3 stone before my big holiday which was in August. However since being back & certainly over the Christmas period I've put 2 back on :-(

    I started Exante again on Monday and all is going well, however I had a prior engagement this Wednesday that I'd struggle to get out of.

    I was wondering what foods to go for (it hasn't been decided which restaurant we are going to yet), but I want foods/meal that is going to keep me in Ketosis. I am doing 100% VLC but on Wednesday I intend to eat something in the evening before getting straight back to my shakes on Thursday. I just don't want to spoil my hard work so far.

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  3. kerrynew1

    kerrynew1 Full Member

    Stick to plain 100% protiens. Steak, chicken breast etc and leafy greens. Good luck x
  4. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Hi April,

    Well, unprocessed meat, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb Etc.
    Eggs & a small piece of cheese is fine.
    Bacon is also okay...

    Lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower Etc.

    It's tricky when you go out for a meal because obviously to stay in ketosis must avoid all sauces, gravys etc.

    You can also have a small amount of full fat mayo, heavy cream & sugar free jelly.

    All of these foods will keep you into ketosis, obviously just don't eat them to excess!

    Sorry, I can't really make any suggestions as to what to order because obviously it depends where you are going, if its somewhere harvester/beefeater or the like then hunters chicken (chicken with melted cheese in the middle, wrapped in bacon) without the bbq sauce would be good, add some salad and a bit of mayo! yum yum yum

    Good luck! & don't worry too much if you get knocked out of ketosis you can always get back in :)

  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  6. April1

    April1 Full Member

    Thanks guys!

    I think we'll be going to TGI Fridays or somewhere similar so steak & salad or like you suggest hunters chicken would be good.

    I presume prawns (not coated) would also be okay?

    I think it's probably best to avoid places like Indians, Chinese, Italians because there is not much choice in relation to foods that would keep me in ketosis.

    I know that I can get back in ketosis but I'd prefer to avoid coming out of it of at all possible.

    I'll keep you posted :)) xx
  7. nettie-reno

    nettie-reno Member

    I ve the same issue april. A colleagues leaving dinner on Friday, but think il just have steak with no sides etc. Will be hard and im tempted not to go lol
  8. Bikbee vikki

    Bikbee vikki Member

    Ooh you have to go! Just eat with a healthy head on and you will be fine. Ive done lypotrim before and had a full day at races drank (sensibly) and had a meal (chicken and leaves) and still lost weight!
    Go enjoy yourself and treat it as a reward on condituon you get straight back on it afterwards!
    Good luck x
  9. April1

    April1 Full Member

    Hi guys, well I went for my meal and it was delicious...even more so because up until today I've been so strict on Exante. I went for this but substituted the mash for veg:

    Sizzling Chicken
    Tender garlic chicken breasts on a sizzling skillet of onions, peppers, melted Monterey Jack and Colby cheeses. Served with cheesy mash.

    I also had a sizzling prawn skewer as a starter.

    I think I did well avoiding the carbs & still really enjoyed my my meal! Here's hoping it won't do too much damage on the scales xxx
  10. tink1982

    tink1982 Full Member

    Whenever I eat out I have steak and salad. I love steak, it's not forbidden and is keto friendly! Most places you can get it no problem! And it feels so indulgent :)
  11. Bikbee vikki

    Bikbee vikki Member

    Good for you!!
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