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food to make me thin!


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here i go again, after loosing quite a lot a year or 2 ago, now im bk again, i didnt gain much however the few pounds always scares me to turn into stones lol!!!- think my life is one big diet- so the food diarie starts today
monday-green day

breakfast-1 boiled egg, 1 satsuma

lunch-quorn,passatta,onion,peppers,garlic,mixed herbs and jacket pot

supper-x1 shredded wheat(heb) and 250mls semi skimmed milk(hea)

syns- monster munch 5 and half

drank water or blk coffee all day!

so far so good ;)

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last night wasnt great- ate loads of chocci( not good) cutting down today to make up for it!! no syns today at all!:mad:

green day

breakfast-x1 shredded wheat(heb) 250mls ss milk(hea)

lunch-spagetti and mint sauce

tea- sw chips and sprouts

drank black coffee all day and water!



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We all have our break downs Byron :hug99:

I've read it's a good idea to write down a list of little things to do instead of eating -- painting toenails or fingernails, tidying, listening to music, lighting a candle and meditating, writing a journal entry or a letter to a friend, drinking water, or visiting minimins are all good ones. ;)

Best of luck to you getting back to your happy weight! :wavey:


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lol thanks missfortimo!
YUP i felt sick for it afterwards but hey we all have thoses days, im just going to cut my syn intake down for the next few days to weigh it up a little! thanks for yr advice hun xx
Hi byron

Its hard sometimes trying to stick to a diet when you have that voice inside your head that tells you 'go on you can have it, what harm can it do' but sometimes you have just got to ignore them and it is right to say keep yourself occupied if you do start craving things. My down fall is mostly of a night time when im watchin tele.


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I also get peckish in an evening. DH and I make a big plate of chopped fruit, alpen light bars and fat free yoghurts. We munch on this all evening, and it makes us feel like we're not missing out.


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yeh thats my downfall 2 tracey, but i just need to gt my head down n stick with it! a year or 2 ago i lost loads on sw- i went from 17 st to 13 stone- then split with my ex of 11 years and put a few lbs on and im nearly 14 now, time to get my bum into gear and get to 12!! no more choccy for me hahah x
awww, im sorry to hear that byron. I lost just over 1 and half stone on the slimming world bout 2 years ago too and im like you pilled on the weight so i need to get my head down too to get this weight off. If you need any pointers let me know and ill see if i can help with any thing. x


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well heres for today- wednesday(green day)

breakfast- blk coffee, x2 boiled eggs,satsuma

lunch- grapes

Tea-quorn mince, passatta,onion,pepper,garlic, mixed herbs, baked beans,spagetti.

supper- x1 shredded wheat(heb) ss milk 250mls(HEA)

trying to stick to no syns today after mondays eppisode of eating far too much chocolate!! but we will see how it goes!


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I hope everything goes according to plan. :)
so far so good thanks hun!! only extra thing i had was some sw chips,and a few cherry tomatoes but their free anyways so it makes no difference!
ok so heres my plan for tomorow!
thursday- extra easy


lunch-lettuce,spring onions,cherry tomatoes,cucumber, beetroot,raddish, few new potatoes, chicken breast

Tea/supper- a4 ryvitas(heb) milk 250mls semi skimmed

drinks black coffee, water or sugar free pop!

x2 syns- strawberry jam!
x5 and half syns monster munch
Total syns= 7 and half
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Cherry tomatoes are really good for you! Pity I can't stand them! ;)

Well done today and good luck tomorrow! :party0011: