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Fed up of fads! Time to make a change.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Steph92, 23 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Steph92

    Steph92 Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm Steph and for as long as I can remember I have been unhappy with my body. I've tried every crash diet going, shakes, meal replacement, calorie counting and finally starvation before I realised that something sensible had to be done before I caused my body some real harm.
    Yesterday was the start of my second week and after a successful weigh in Wednesday (with a loss of 3lb!) I'm feeling very positive!!

    Attempted the SW korma yesterday which was lovely but I am a dreadful cook so accidentally undercooked the chicken - oops! Won't be making that mistake again...

    Tonight I decided to get a little bit creative as my partner decided to have a kebab (he's 6'4 and thin as a rake!) and I haven't had one in months. Typically as soon as I'm dieting I crave just about every bad food there is!

    So I ordered a lamb shish kebab (3 syns) and got busy making some slimming world chips (which are lovely!) and my own garlic dip with light mayo (1 syn), fat free natural Greek style yoghurt and some crushed garlic with a sprinkling of garlic Italian herbs thrown in for effect. Altogether it was a delicious meal and I'm very proud of myself!

    Food for the day:

    Breakfast - magic porridge
    Lunch - tuna pasta with Mayo (1 syn)
    Dinner - shish kebab, SW chips and SW garlic dip (4 syns)
    (I need to go shopping for some more fresh fruit and veg!)

    Total syns: 5

    Thanks for reading :)
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  3. Steph92

    Steph92 Member

    Hi all,
    Well, today has been a pretty good day! A lazy one but a good one, and as my partner was home to help with our little 5 month old munchkin (he's usually at work), I managed to spend a little more time cooking. For breakfast I had my usual magic porridge, mainly because I'm not used to eating breakfast and it's nice and easy but lunch and dinner were much more interesting! I have to say though, today I found reasonably easy, even struggling to live alongside someone trying to gain weight! I insisted on hiding all chocolate and pop, and the white bread is strictly kept out of my reach at the top of the cupboard. I wish it was this easy everyday, and I also wish I could stop weighing between weekly weigh-ins.. I'm sure that's not the best way to lose weight! Oh well, here's my food for today..

    Breakfast: Magic porridge
    Lunch: 2x eggs, 2x bacon and baked beans
    Dinner: 2x sausages, gravy, mash, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (5 syns)

    Total syns: 5
  4. Steph92

    Steph92 Member

    Hi everyone,
    Feeling a bit rubbish today. My partner decided that we would go out for lunch so I thought may aswell have a little treat! So had a healthy breakfast to save my healthy extra for the meal (possibly cheating but I don't care! Hehe). Well, he took around 2 hours to choose a potential pub (which was then no longer serving good!), and we then decided to just drive and stop somewhere that looked nice. Around two hours later and we found a pub, but after sitting down with the menu I realised there was absolutely nothing I liked and to top that off it was wildly expensive! So I ended up with a ham and cheese toastie with a handful of chips, yum! And you know the most disappointing thing? I instantly thought, what a waste of ruining my diet, I would have at least liked to have done it with something delicious! GAH.

    Nevermind eh!

    Todays food:

    Breakfast: melon, raspberries, blackberries
    Lunch: ham and cheese (HEXA) toastie (HEXB) with chips (5 syns as I ate 4!) and diet coke
    Dinner: sweet n sour mug shot followed by a toffee muller light
    Total: 5
  5. Steph92

    Steph92 Member

    Hi all,
    Haven't posted in a few days, my little one has not quite been himself. I was faced with two challenges today. Firstly I decided to go shopping and completely forgot to take anything for lunch (doh!), which led to an egg mayonnaise sandwich! However my second challenge was a trip to the cinema. This would usually mean several bags of different jelly sweets and chocolates, along with a big bag of popcorn and the biggest full fat coke I could get my hands on! So instead of this I hit Boots and bought some shapers popcorn, chocolate and a pack of sour cream snack a jacks (all of which was delicious) woo!! So although today wasn't perfect I'm glad I salvaged it as best I could and refused to let one slip up ruin my whole day. Also, last night for tea I decided that I'd make my own syn free gravy to go with my sausages, mash and veg. I cooked up some cauliflower and broccoli, putting some in a blender with some boiling water. Once puréed I added a melted knorr stock pot. Once done it was absolutely delicious and lovely and thick! Will definitely be a regular in my kitchen from now on! :)

    Today's food:

    Breakfast: 2xweetabix (HEB) with semi-skimmed milk (HEA)
    Lunch: egg mayo sandwich (14.5 syns) with chopped pineapple
    Snacks: shapers popcorn (4syns), shapers bar (4.5syns) snack a jacks (4.5 syns)

    Total: 27.5 - obviously way over but most days I have no syns at all
  6. Steph92

    Steph92 Member

    Hi everyone :)

    Have had an absolutely fab day today and I'm feeling good! Love love love days when you feel 100% committed, makes it all feel so worthwhile. Had my first go at making corned beef hash this evening from a recipe I discovered on here and if I do say so myself, it was fab! And for only 2 syns I'm one happy bunny :)

    Today's food:

    Breakfast: strawberries and melon
    Lunch: jacket potato, beans and cheese (HEXA)
    Snack: blueberries and strawberries
    2 SW forrerro rocher (3 syns)
    Dinner: corned beef hash with cauliflower and broccoli (2 syns)

    Total: 5 syns - woo!

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