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Food Today - Please Check if OK

Hi there, ok I have been following EE for 5 days now, but feel a bit hungry today would be grateful if you could check this diary for today to make sure it's ok! :)

B: 0% fat yogurt and slices of fruit (plum, pomelo, apple)

L: 3 Homemade potato cakes (just sweet and normal potato with onion), topped with slice of turkey, tin of spaghetti hoops, 2 LCEL (he), slice of wholemeal toast (he), salad and 0% yogurt. This lunch was spread over 3 hours.

D: Spicy prawns in garlic, with lots of veg, sauce made from passata, chicken stock, served with wholewheat spaghetti.

Not planning on any sins, although might have an alpen light bar later.

I have also found that I have only been using 3-4 syns a day and never use all my he a choice as 6 lcel triangles seems too much. I do have a bit of milk with my tea but it is 0% fat milk so am never sure if this counts?

Help is most appreciated! :)
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That looks a pretty good day, just make sure your lunch contains a third superfree with your salad.
O% fat milk - is that skimmed milk? If it is then you can have 350ml a day as an A choice.
Why not syn your LC at 1 syn each and then have 28g cheese as your A choice?

You really should have at least 5 syns a day. They are very important and also, this is the thing you can reduce when and if you ever start to struggle. If you start off low there is a tendency to become scared of having them at all.

Other than that - looks good!
I totally agree about the syns, you should have some otherwise your not following the plan 100%.
And yes the milk does count as a healthy extra a
Yeah I definitely think you are right about being scared to eat the syns...I do feel worried as it's my first week. The milk is called fat free milk lol, i checked and it says 86 cals and 0.6 fat per 200mls - it's ok as my hea as I dont eat all my cheese...but I do like the idea of eating some "proper" cheese instead, but again it's the scared thing coming back.

Also today I feel mega bloated (not totm), but I am putting that down to all the veg - I'm worried that I am putting on weight, but will see on Friday...
Please don't be scared of any of the foods. If you couldn't have them then SW wouldn't put them in the plan.
The syns (synergy) are there to balance it all out so you don't feel you are missing out on anything.

Enjoy it all. And... you won't be putting weight on hun. xx
I was so scared the first couple of weeks, and my losses werent so good, but once I learnt to trust the plan it was all so much better. Have you been eating a lot of bread, potatoes and pasta as that always makes me feel bloated, but wont cause a gain
Thank you Jaylou, what I am going to do is see what happens Friday and hopefully I will have lost. Either way my next week I will make sure I use all my allowances as maybe (sometimes) I feel i'm not eating enough and I know this will have a negative effect...it's just scary to eat lots and lose weight! :) x
hey snuggle, yeah I really do need to lose this fear. Agreed that even if the first 2 weeks are bad, I am still changing my life and will keep going. I have been eating a fair amount of pasta etc, but it has all been wholemeal...which was a big change for me, so maybe this has done it?
Well I lost 2 pounds and got to admit im disappointed....but that is it...im eating all my syns now lol....do you think this is why it was only 2 pounds? I have followed the plan well this week, bar the syns.


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2lbs is GREAT........... dont be dissapointed with 2lbs. 2lbs a week is 104lbs a year........... over 7st!
I lost 2lbs a week every week, and after 16 weeks i was at target. 1-2lbs is the healthy weight to lose a week.
Thank you honey! When you say it like that it actually makes me feel better...I think we all just get a bit caught up in looking at other peoples weight losses when I should know I am an individual and mine will vary. I will hit my personal target in March next year if I carry on the way I am so that is great incentive. The only thing I am worried about is the fact that if I lost 2 with eating only 3-4 syns a day...will I lose eating say 10 a day? x

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