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FOOD! & what happens after?


Sensibly losing :)
OMG! I am finding the diet ok, weighed this morning and saw a 9lb loss .. but not being able to join in on family life (which is eating a lot of the time) is making me miserable! I dont know how on earth some of you go on to do this for months at a time.. you have my complete respect!

I like the shakes, feel ok and i dont know if its the weekend being particularly cruel to me but earlier on I went shopping with the kids and Stu (my other half) and he actually went to Subway!! Sat there and had a foot long sub while I sat there with my bottle of water and paracetamol! Supposed to be cooking roast chicken today but i just cant, not today! So its a normal dinner today which is easier on me until I dont feel as hard done by! LOL!

For those of you that have managed it and done well, what happens after? Will there be a time in my life when I am not on a diet and where I am able to eat normal stuff again? Once the extra weight has gone will I then go back to being 'normal' where I can enjoy life and food but maybe watch the scales once a month? My Sister eats eveything in sight, never watches what she eats and stays at a size 8! life is so cruel!.. I know there is a re-feed process and then I see a lot going on to SW or WW when thats gone.. how long is that for? Is that cause you a prone to putting weight on??

Thanks for any answers!! :))

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Hiya, i dont know a whole lot about the re feed process as i dont have the sheet but you i know you really must re feed rather than straight back into food!!! On the refeed you have to follow guidelines and slowly introduce foods and food categories into your diet especially carbs otherwise you will pile the weight back on. Im currently doing 2 shakes per day and a healthy evening meal of salad with either chicken, tuna or ham. Only then should go switch onto a diet like WW or SW as these diets are calorie controlled rather than catergory controlled.
The last few nights i have enjoyed sitting down with my OH and having an evening meal but the weight loss has slowed a lot.... so far this week ive only lost about 3lb :-( tfr is the way to go for as long as you can manage it!!


Hiya... worried myself about this... but you know what, no matter what diet regime we're on, we have to try and discover our triggers when things go wrong... is it comfort eating/boredom etc... im only on day 5... did this before and saw great results and kept the weight off for a long time, but met my hubbie and began to pile back on the flab..... i reckon this time, im defo gonna try and analyse why i overeat and get out of control.... this time this weight is staying off and im in for a lifestyle change... there are no quick fixes.... except for TFR! But it's really a quick fix and a golden opportunity to start again, see big weightloss initally, then use this fabulous tool to really start the challenge... FOOD and how we deal with it.... so dont worry about it.... try and work out why you go wrong and try to fix it.... i know when i went from a 28 to a size 10... i still maintained it and still had a fab time with food and social situations.... if i fell off the wagon, i got straight back up and i reckon thats where i went so wrong this time... when i fell, i thought ah *****.... its all gone wrong... no point now..... and thats what i need to fix... we can go out and have great weekends, but we need to watch what goes down the ol hatch but still enjoy life! x


Sensibly losing :)
Katie thanks for the info - very helpful!! I guessed it would slow when food was included, I wont like that bit! ;) LOL! Good luck with your weightloss!

Leluna, I will be keeping an eye out for you now as you are only a couple of days ahead of me! And you have done it before.. a 28 to a 10! WOW that must feel absolutely amazing!! Thats the size I used to be and I look back now and I cannot believe how big that was compared to how I am now.. but at the time I was happy in my body (oddly enuf), going out, loads of male interest... crazy! I have more issues with my body and image now than I ever did before and I know its nuts but i cant get over it. Where I am about now is the slimmest I have ever been since I was about 15 I think, I have spent my whole life being fat and having all of the crap that goes with it and I have had enough! I am very determined to stick to this and I rekon seeing as I have never enjoyed a skinny life I think I will so on top of cloud 9 when I get there that I wont ever dare go back to how I was, knowing how that makes me feel...
BUT, then I think about it properly and I guess all of us must assume that and then perhaps stupidly I am thinking about all of this wrongly and its gnna be so tough when the time comes and this will also make me miserable!

Oh I dunno!!

Anyway, nice to talk to you! :) Good luck and will keep eyes peeled for your weigh-in! :)


Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
First of all, congratulations on losing 6 stone already. That's brilliant and so this last push to lose your last few pounds should be a doddle! I think that when we stop, yes, we will be able to eat 'normal' food but perhaps not in the quantities that we ate them before. And you need to watch the scales more than once a month - more like every day and if you gain a couple of pounds, rein in for a couple of days. A month is way too long and you can do lots of damage in a month. Then the tendency might be to say 'I've blown it' and go mad and do even more damage. So weigh at least once a week if not more. And apparently, research has shown that, although you might THINK your sister eats everything in sight and whenever she wants, when monitored over a period of time, skinny minnies have the uncanny ability to balance out their calories, so if they overindulge, at other times they naturally curb their appetites to keep within a balance of calories in/calories out.


hi again bye-bigun! Just checkin in with ya... had a tough weekend at times... but you know what sometimes i felt deprived... but then an overwhelming feelin of 'at last im doin something about this, i've taken back my life and am going to get rid of the sheer upset this excess weight brings' am absolutely determined to do this.... and im gonna reflect on how to deal with re-feed and gettin back into normal eating habits again. No its not tough when the weight comes off and you're in your skinny body... (the body you deserve) because you walk into a shop right up to a clothes rail and you can pick your size 12 off the hanger and walk back out knowing it will fit you, look fab and the feeling that brings overcomes any feelings of being deprived.... you know in the (skinny) future, you will sit with your family at subway and choose the most sensible option, still have fun and still stay in control.... promise!!! stay focused and keep tuning in! Keep me motivated!! Lorraine x


Sensibly losing :)
Hi Lorraine - call me Donna :)

Thanks for 'checking in'..! I never thought this forum could be as supportive.. I can say honestly that without this place to burn time, catch up with people and get continuous inspiration.. well I dont think I would be doing what I am!! Its great.. hopefully as the weeks go on I will actually get to 'know' people better too and be able to chat about other bits too rather than food 24/7! LOL!

yes the weekend was tough indeed but what i found today was that I woke up and felt on top of the world.. I felt SO strong having done the full weekend and no caved in - before on diets I would have allowed something and then felt a bit bad, then something else and before you know it I am back to sq 1!
I got on the scales this morning again (its the first thing I do every day as soon as I get up and use the toilet!! LOL) and I look to have lost about 9lbs....!!! For me thats marvelous and I still have4 more mornings until weigh-in! if thats not encouragement enough then nothing will be and I deserve to be fat is the way i look at it! ;)
Heres to a productive week for us both, remaining strong and having brilliant weigh-ins! :) :) :)

Donna Xxx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
First things first - get the idea of being on a diet for the rest of your life out of your head. The diet part is here and now, lipotrim. After the refeed process you need to completly change your eating habits, change your way of eating for life. This will become your normality.

You'll never be able to go back to eating how you used to you'd just end up here again which is why its important to change your way of thinking and never call it a diet.

It's about finding that balance. Maintainence will be the hard part so make sure you are prepared. You will go up and down and feel happy and sad and for some of us we are still trying to find that balance over a year on.

If you get a chance and are able to read about food i'd suggest hopping over to the maintainence section on here and having a read through some of our diaries you'll hopefully begin to understand that not everything is about 'rabit food' :)

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