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As some of you might know ive been having trouble getting back on lipotrim after my hols ive been back for aprox 3 weeks and ive been messin about !!!! Doing it one day cheating the next !!! I had to go away with work last week and the chemist advised me to go on maintence so off i went with all the stuff i needed and didnt have 1 shake !!!! all week instead i ate and ate everthing i wanted i came home yesterday and i felt ill now im not moaning about eating no i think its done me a world of good as im absolutly sick of the sight of food i got up this morning and have never felt as excited as i did this morning to be makin 1 of the lipotrim shakes !!! I was going to start on monday but couldnt wait so its like my first day and so far so good ive cooked tea and not touched a morsel at all so for me this worked and im so glad i did it just thought i'd let you know dont get me wrong im not advising anybody else to do this but it did work for me yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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too hot to handle!!
thats good that you have started so soon again,,i did this in sept lasted 4 days and said i will start next week,,i'm on day 5 silly me,,but feeling so postive like yourself,,i love making the shakes i get so excited trying new things with them,,for breakfast i have a vanilla one threw it into the blender with ice and half a spoon of coffee and it was so yummy,,


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babyboosweets, (like the name)
youve just answered a question i was going to ask.and that was will i want food even more when i stop.its great too here your not lookin at food the same way but are you back because you dont want to eat any food at all,can you get addicted? xxxredhedxx
well done girls
its hard to start again .. i did this before and have started again im on week 2 now
have to admit i ate rings around myself before i started proably gained a good stone in the run up to it ... more fool me
its not your typin its lipotrim it makes you loose your marbels temporarly prob spelt wrong tee hee !!!!! And as for the food i was so full it just wasnt a nice feelin it was really uncomfortable and i had heartburn and felt sick i havnt had heartburn since i started lipotrim As for addicted no i dont think you can but you cant eat as much as you used to which is a good thing i have started feelin hungrey tonight and just thought of yesterday and how sick of food i was and it seemed to have gone away ha ha i wonder why !!!!!!! tee hee tee hee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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