foodpack question , help please !


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hi all , hope your all well , can anybody tell me how long we are obliged to buy the foodpacks for ? the reason i ask is that i have loads spare ( yes i know i should be taking them all but i honestly don't get time on some days) i wanted to use up the ones i have before buying more but apparently i am obliged to buy them , anyone ? , thanks in advance , paul . :)
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Hiya. I know when I started LL I signed a sorta contract saying I committed to buying them for the 100 day foundation period. Surely if you explain you have plenty then your LLC will understand?

How many days have you been on LL so far? Congrats on your lossage so far. :)


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hi , been on the plan seven weeks ( about 49 days i think) i did explain i have some left but my LLC informs me i am still obliged to buy them , i forgot to ask how long for though !:(


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perhaps the womens comitment to buying them is slightly longer as apparently it takes females a little longer to lose it .


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as far as i know you have to buy the 28 packs every week, ive got about a weeks worth left over but i figure its just a free week when im finished x


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I think it depends on the LLC. On RTM mine has been ok on some weeks when I've said I've got loads of packs, she's let me off. I'm not sure about when you're in foundation though. I think after 8 months doing LL my LLC probably expects me to have a few spare packs lying around.
Just ask and see what they say. If they say no, you'll have plenty spare for when you go into development when I think they're a bit more flexible.
Sorry I can't be more help.
Well done so far!!


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In the commitment thing we all had to sign (in my group, and assume everywhere) it says we commit to the Foundation programme of X amount of weeks - during which time we are required to purchase four packs per day - so, no, unless you've got a very lenient LLC, I guess you still have to buy and then just have them for after... :)


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Probably depends on your LLC, but as you know the theory is to have the 4 packs per day to ensure you get all the nutrients etc. They are not supposed to encourage you to have fewer than the recommended number of packs.
If youdon't have time, then double up and have 2 together sometimes.
I believe the reason I haven't yet lapsed since I started is that I've had all my packs. I haven't got any spares!


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i always had problems with leftover sachets on Cambridge, but my CDC has been really great and I just ordered less foodpacks when I had to save money... I remember at one point I had around 20 foodpacks left over, and I was able to exchange them for some new ones, and I therefore saved up 35 pounds:)


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my llc has not made us sign anything to say we're commited to buying a set number of packs a day, what she has said is that we're all adults and if we feel we no longer want to carry on then thats up to us and if we have packs left we can swap them if we want, ive been buying more than i need so i can have a variety and am not just stuck with flavours i dont fancy at the end of the week


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I think the original sign up is 4 pks per day x 7 for 100 days depending on you L.L counsellor they may let you go to meeting and buy less one wk, i used to buy more bars as i found them more useful when on hols or out on the road from work all day.


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I think LL costs £66 pounds a week regardless. That's just the cost at the end of the day.

Otherwise it's like buying a weekly train ticket and expecting to pay less the next week if you didn't use it for a couple of days.

With that said though you may be lucky with your LLC. I know my LLC has bought packs back from people who have finished but I;ve never heard of her giving a discount during the programme.


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you're paying for the packs and the cost of the meeting etc is all linked into it. If you have packs left over from a previous week and your LLC will allow it, they should deduct the cost from your £66


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It definitely depends on your LLC - according to mine, the £66 you pay weekly is for your packs and that is why the cost goes down once you go into RtM. A couple of the girls in our foundation group had loads of packs left over and our LLC let them not buy any for a week (this was during foundation!!) and use the ones they had at home. They didn't pay anything for that week but were still allowed to attend the group meeting and have the counselling. Today at our meeting one of the girls again has packs left over so the LLC has allowed her to only buy 7 bars this week and use the leftover packs for the rest of it. Our LLC is great with things like that, I guess it's a bit of a case of luck of the draw....

I have about 23 spare packs sitting at home... if it gets to 28, I will definitely ask my LLC if I can swap flavours for a week rather than buying additional packs xxx


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My LLC used to let people go to class on occasion and not buy any packs - she totally understood that people might have accumulated them over time.