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For Alex

This is gonna be my little venting area...for those low points.
I've been quite lucky upto now, I've not bothered about being on the Cambridge, I'm only into my 3rd week now though, so I have plenty of time yet.
I have A LOT of weight to lose, approx 10 stone. I have been obese my whole life, even as a small child I was always fat. I kinda just gave up without trying properly and assumed I would always be fat. I have dieted twice in my adult life, once on weight watchers for 7 months and lost 5 stone, but was still overweight when I gave up & put it back on..and last year on cambridge, but gave up for holidays and didnt go back on...and again, it all went back on plus more.

I have a little boy, Alex, who is nearly 2, and I need to start thinking of him, I need to be able to do active things like swimming with him, and I have visions of him being bullied at school because of his fat mum..I don't want him to go through that because of me... so this is for him.
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There is no better reason than for your child. You will do brilliantly with that motivation.


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Thats great motivation hun :) ive also got a baby boy and he's mainly the reason im doing this, im doing it for myself also. Keep thinking of your little boy and it'll keep you on track :) xx
so, ive just finished another night shift. im a bit wired and can't sleep yet.
my tummy is making all sorts of noises this morning, I havnt tested if im in ketosis for a few days, but for some reason I feel like yesterday and today Im not. I was going to not bother testing anymore because I get really annoyed if its not as dark pink as it was the time before, then I get a bit downhearted about it. The last couple of times its only said traces have been in, and I'm wondering if its because I started the bars this week.

I've been making that jelly, and its totally lush, it makes me feel like I can have a little bit of something extra. I make a lot up and have it over 2 days, cos the mix a mousse says I can only have 1 scoop, and it says use 1.5 scoops. Anyway, jelly+avatar = cool..its better than popcorn.

I'm off to sleep now, Mum has Alex till 12 so I can get 3 hours in before I have to be up



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I don't get weighed till Tuesday this week..which isn't fair, I think I need a bit of a boost today/tomrrow..to keep me going.
I'm not gonna give in anyway, I just like the weigh in (as long as its positive).
I've weighed myself on my scales and it says ive only lost 1lb...but they are dodgy and tells me something different every time.
I only had 2 litres yesterday.
I will be good today


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My scales lie to me all the time. I don't know how consitant they are but i always follow what my CDC say. I think mine are just cheap x x


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I told the scales to get stuffed when I got off them. I probably wont get on them again at home. It hasnt bothered me all that much really, but it might do in the future.

todays been ok.
had a mint choco shake about 11 and just had some chickena and mushroom soup. I feel really quite full, like i've eaten too much.


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Hiya - glad to see another diary here to post in..

One thing that I would say, is that although you are determined to do this for your little boy, I think it is more important that you do it for you !!.. your little boy has never known you any different and he will always love you - you have known yourself smaller and I hoped you liked what you saw ?

I currently do not do very much with my boys who are now 7 & 4 and I regret this very much.. but their Dad takes them swimming etc so they don't miss out too much, but I am doing this for me, so that I feel better and more confident in taking them out and about...

Sorry if I have spoken out of turn but I feel it is so important to do things for yourself and not soley for others



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oh yeah, i am doing it for me too! but ive tried just doing it for me so many times and failed. i feel like i have to do it for alex though, hes giving me the extra push i need. alex is the same, his dad takes him swimming because i wont get in a costume, but i'll be taking him soon enough!

also, yesterday i was naughty.

we went out to preston for the day and i didnt take any meals...so i had a ceaser salad out..with dressing and croutons etc.
i had it with water, and had the rest of my water intake yesterday.
im back on it today though, had 2 shakes upto now.

to be honest, im not seeing it as a blip at all. when starting this, i told myself after 2 or 3 weeks, id have a meal and go back on. so it was kinda planned...and it could have been so much worse.
i am out of ketosis though...but i dont care..i'll be back in it in 2 days or so.
still feeling very positive about it.

I am back after a bug.
I'm excited about being able to do the diet again...what a geek.

iv had a gross chocolate orange shake
and a tomato soup (that I never made properly)
and only .5 litre of water upto now.

I must drink

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