For all those on day 1/2


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Hang in there
Im now on day 6 and have my first weigh in tomorrow, the first couple of days i was starving and couldnt see how it was ever going to dissapear
Honestly it does
yesterday i had to almost force my 3 shake down at 10pm, and ive found energy I never thought id have
My scales are showing a 13 lb loss hopefully my CDC scales are the same
please keep it up, drink lots of water and get some early nights and you dont feel hungry when you wake up
Gook luck all ;)
thankyou! thats very encouraging! I'm halfway through my first day & am feeling hungry & can feel a headache coming on... I've drunk 3ltrs of water so fa & had one shake.
Well done

Ettie -x-
13lb weightloss in one week is absolutely fantastic!
Wow... I didnt lose that much in my first week! :eek:

Great loss!

but.. really it does get better!! Really!!

I am on day 9 now :eek: and I can barely believe it!

You will feel so rewarded for your efforts... you will feel stronger and with a greater sense of determination and self belief!

There are times where things are tough... yesterday I had a free slice of pizza shoved under my nose... but I said no... and boy does it empower you!!!!

Good luck Ettie! and all people that are just at the start of their new journeys!