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For anyone who is feeling a bit down today...

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Hey gang,

I've noticed that over the last couple of days quite a few of us are suffering emotionally/physically and maybe feeling a bit fed up. I just wanted to encourage everyone and give us all a few reminders about why we're doing this. Hope it helps....

1) The huge improvements to our health- think about our ikkle hearts and how much help we're giving them by losing weight
2) To have pride in ourselves- to wake up feeling good about ourselves
3) To extend our lives- our time here is brief and precious
4) So our tight dresses will look HOT!
5) So we get second glances for all the right reasons
6) To be able to go to restaurants without feeling guilty/being paranoid that people are thinking "YOU shouldn't really eat that"
7) For those of you who have children to be able to play with them without being out of breath
8) To be able to go into 'normal' clothes shops- to buy what we want rather than what we can shoe-horn ourselves into
9) So that going on holiday anywhere that requires swimwear won't give us night terrors
10) So we don't dread photographs and have to detag any particularly bad ones on Facebook (ok that might just be me!)
11) So we can look at ourselves in the mirror and smile
12) So we don't EVER again have to hear someone make a cruel comment about our size
13) For our families- so we can be around for them
14) So we don't avoid social activities that involve stairs/hills/seats we can't squeeze into
15) For ourselves. Life is too short to feel unhappy about something we CAN solve.

I don't want to patronise anyone with this- just wanted to tell anyone who is struggling and might be feeling like giving up that even STARTING this programme; even making that brave, tough decision makes you stronger than you know. By being here, on this forum, we're all declaring that we want to do something about our weight and that we have the will power to achieve it. You guys inspire me on a daily basis- this is so hard and you're all doing brilliantly.

Keep it up- you CAN do it. :)

Much love,

Luce xxx
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You've made my day. Although I have noticed that week 2 is flying by I have struggled since last night. My husband had a pepperoni pizza and it smelt so damn good. (He's eaten KFC etc infront of me since I started LT but this was awful). I was so desperate to taste some that I even suggested to him that I just chew some and spit it out without swallowing.
God bless my husband, he really stuck to his guns and forbid me to have any (could have punched him in the face at that point but so grateful to him now).

I've been sick all day with stomach cramps and diarreah. I took too many laxatives yesterday so I'm blaming those.

Just been generally low today and was craving some serious comfort food but your message has spurred me on. I'll keep going......here's hoping I'll be 4stone (minimum) lighter by Christmas.

Again many thanks Determined Girl. xx

P.s. it's great having someone who started the same day as me - you're going through it too. :)


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thats great.... I have printed it. and sticking it next my monitor. Just the pick up i need :D Thank you x


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every point in your post is sooo true. thank you for the motivation - i was feeling low today - but your post was a real pick up - thank you thank you thank you......:thankyou:

Caren. xx


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i can relate to every single point on your post thanks a million :) u r so right ;)
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good- glad it was of some use. Needed a big dose of my own advice tonight as I've been feeling a bit miserable for some reason. It's highs and lows...the euphoria of knowing you're losing weight...but then the miserable hunger pangs and feeling crappy.

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO glad I have this forum to come to!

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All of it! ALL OF IT! YES! Thanks for that. Its all true and all very real motivation. It can be hard to remember why we're doing this on the bad days so maybe everyday we should have a thread reminding us!


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Brilliant post. I think we all hit low spots once in a while in which we forget our goals and just want to eat - something like this helps to remind us exactly why we are doing this in the first :D great stuff thank you



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You are sooo right!We can do this no matter what, ha ha aren't we like a little Lipotrim Family! This was so good to read this morning, it gave me such a boost and just confirming all the reasons why i am actually doing this. And NO food tastes as good as achieving all these points!!!!!!

So girlies, it is Friday....yay.. have a great weekend... I'll be off shaking my boot-ey on the dancefloor and shed some extra pounds :)....sober, CERTAINLY!



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Thanks for that Luce, I was having a really 'blah' day yesterday and this has cheered me up no end =) xx
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Thanks for that:) It must be something in the air'cos I thought the same.Everybody seems to be at a low.I suppose it's nice to know we're not alone xxx
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thank you Luce, I've had a cr*p couple of days and I just needed to read that.



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Thanks, thanks SO MUCH, Determined Girl. This will keep me going. The quote is brilliant, "ONCE YOU CHOOSE HOPE, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE." An inspiration, needed it right now and will keep me going. Cheers Girl.

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