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For anyone whos struggling


Reached Target. woohoo
Hope you don't mind me doing this but after reading some posts from people who are struggling to get back on plan after xmas or just finding it hard to get motivated i feel that a little help is needed.
I reached my target weight in November and thought i might be able to inspire anyone to keep going by telling you what a difference the weight loss has done for me.
Firstly being able to go shopping for clothes for xmas is so different from before as usually its a stress filled episode of trying on clothes that end up not fitting so end up with stuff i don't really like but have to buy something.
Not this year, that hardest part was that there was so much choice for me, came home happy and fulfilled. Felt fab this year.
Also i can walk into a room of people and not worry about what they are saying about me, because we always think people notice our weight not us.
The best thing for me this year was not making my New Years resolution to lose weight then feeling guilty and hating myself for not doing it.
Theres loads more stuff but i would fill this thread so much.
Hope this helps anyone whos struggling to feel motivated and get back to where they want to be. Thanks for listening. XXX Loobylou
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
That is great motivation!!
I have started to wear patterns and other coloured clothes other than black and navy, as this was all I would wear! I am still a whole 8 stone away from my target, but I know I will get there!
I love the fact that my clothes are hanging off me again and I love handing them over to my Mum when they are practically falling off me so that I have to get the next sizes down!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
awww looby how absolutely lovely you have just made me feel loads better XXXXX
YOU! have just made me change my sig on here!

I had it down as week 1 week 2....but seeing your sig, has made me look at bigger picture. Its the over all weight loss thats going to count. Seeing it as a weekly thing, is thinking short term.

Thank you :)
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Congrats Louby, I am so pleased for you, this year I WILL get to target!


Reached Target. woohoo
Thanks for your lovely comments glad to help, i know its hard when we have to think of a big number but cut it down into smaller chunks and it looks better. xxx


Reached Target. woohoo
what are the classes like. im joining tomorrow and i hope i dont have to stand up in front of everyone and tell them something about my self cuz im new
Hi Shelly82, i really enjoy my class, no you don't have to stand up and talk about yourself so don't worry, you will get a talk about the plan from your consultant then you will sit down and consultant will go around everyone and tells how they have done that week, she will just welcome you to class but she will never reveal anyones weight, at our group we have tea, coffe and hot chocolate which we can buy to drink while wer'e there. You will make some new friends too. Enjoy it. xxx


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
hey ,

no it's not like that at all it's quite funny,well my group is anyway you don't have to join in anything you don't want too and the consultants are really friendly and once you all get chatting you will find you wanna join in more anyway XXX


taking one day at a time
aw thank you so much .I was feeling really fed upbut now have decided to get bak to it and not going to be naughty like I was thinking about doing before I read this post so tonight will have diet coke instead off having 2 or 3 beers and ruining my day .Thank you :)


Reached Target. woohoo
aw thank you so much .I was feeling really fed upbut now have decided to get bak to it and not going to be naughty like I was thinking about doing before I read this post so tonight will have diet coke instead off having 2 or 3 beers and ruining my day .Thank you :)
I feel so much better when being good, when we go of the rails a bit we always feel so bad about ourselves that we think " iv'e done it now i might aswell have more" but what we need to do instead is to say "well I did it, got it out of my system" then get back on the plan and the damage will be limited and we will feel good about ourselves for having that willpower instead of beating ourselves up about it. Good on you for having the Diet cokes, you will be glad tomorrow that you did. Thanks for your comments by the way. xxx


Reached Target. woohoo
Something else i like about losing weight is, when i'm in the bath the water covers me not like before when my tummy stuck out of the water like a small desert island minus the palm tree of course. LOL xxx


I ate my willpower!
This is a fantastic post! I have been lucky because I havn't found it too hard to get back on track. In a way, I can see now why SW waited until Jan to bring out the new plan. It's a good way of easing yourself back into SW without it seeming too restrictive. Good luck everyone and I hope that we all achieve the targets we have set for ourselves.

My first target is to get into the 17's!! I am hoping this will be by Valentines day.


Reached Target. woohoo
Got to trim them down nanny, great to hear from you hun, how you doing? xxx

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