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For Foxtrot

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Hi Foxy! :D

As you asked...

a typical day for me is


Porridge (2oz) cooked in water or nonfat milk, with blueberries, and pumpkin seeds

Mid morning:

Peice of fruit, or 2, or fruit and a small pot of yogurt


Green salad, lots, with some kind of protein on it - often its either tofu "egg salad" or quinoa salad - or tuna - or cottage cheese - or cooked egg. Usually some avocado sliced up on it.

Or stir fried veg and tofu, etc.

Or a veggie wrap, with same thigns added as added on salad. Basically, the salad in a wrap! lol

Afternoon, maybe some fuirt, or some veg and hoummous, or a couple ryvita and marmite, etc.


Protein, lots of steamed or stirfried veg,

Or often a sweet potato with turkey chili, or chili beans and cheese (1 oz roughly)

Something like that.

Some nights I have cottage cheese with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, banana, and small handful of granola and lots of pomegranate seeds.

If I fancy something sweet, I put yogurt over it.

I don;t weigh or measure, but have reasonable size portions of course.

A lot of nights, I will have a small square of dark chocoalte.

This is an average day snapshot.....there are lots of variables. This though has kept me at the smae weight for months now.

Hope that helps. FIre any questions you might have at us!

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Is back in the saddle!
That is fab BL! Many thanks.

Looks like starvation isn't on the menu then. :D All looks wholesome, filling and very tasty.

I can live with that.


Is back in the saddle!
So on those hungry days, what is it you eat a lot of?

I like loads of celery, peppers and carrots are they good for picking on lots? I know I will have to watch the fruit, which I love, too but what is the best 'fill me up now!' stuff??

I'm not a great one for potatoes and starchy carbs but I am soooo looking forward to wild rice again!

Anyone else who's maintaining willing to share a menu or two??
Ooo all looks yummy sneaked on as I need some ideas for healthy filling meals that won't pile the weight on if anyones got any more feel free to e-mail me, need to get healthy again for bean have been guilty of falling back into old habits for the sake of ease and have put on some weight already :( argh anyway will be trying a new regime this week which will hopefully sort me out!

Emma xXx


Is back in the saddle!
Spank you yummy!! It does all look hopeful though doesn't it.

Perhaps there should be a Maintenance section rather than just tagging on to the RTM. I am proof positive that the afterlife is deadly!!!!!!!!!!
There should be!! I had to go straight from abstinance to normal intake as it's not safe to follow it through while pregnant and with morning sickness etc I'm grabbing whatevers easy and stays down ie bread/crackers/potatoes but tomorrow this stops as I feel crap and need to be healthy if I'm going to be coping with 4 children come december!!!!!

Emma xXx


...we're sinking deeper.
Emma I can suggest looking into Low Gi diet. You don't cut anything out of your eating, just substitute processed 'white' carbs (such as normal pasta, white bread, white rice etc etc) with wholewheat, wholegrain varieties.
Remember: one portion of rice and pasta is about 50-65g UNCOOKED. It doesn't look like much in raw form but it's more than enough. The Low Gi factor means that the carbs/sugars take longer to break down in your body, giving you longer lasting energy - which in effect means you're going to be 'satisfied' for much longer.
Most veggies are fine to indulge in, pile them on! I usually use them to fill out my plate, they're good for your body, and you benefit from all the vitamins and the fibre!

Carrot sticks / raw veggies / salad are great for a quick snack. Low in calories and generally awesome.
Some of my snacks sometimes also consist of a small handful of almonds for their natural oils and fatty acids. I plan on making my own flapjacks/granola bars which are useful to have around in the cupboard for those weak moments, or for a dessert. :)
Hi Foxtrot

I think everyone is different.
Before doing LL and losing the weight I used to be one of those people who never had breakfast.
Now I've got into a routine. I have black coffee and porridge. A sachet of Oats so Simple (because it's portion controlled and I can't cheat - still don't trust myself) made with skimmed milk.I add some fruit, maybe a small banana (I ration those) or a handful of frozen fruits of the forest or blueberries and a few soaked goji berries. I add a generous teaspoon of clear honey and a dollop of natural yogurt.i often sprinkle cinnamon on top too.
Quite a substantial start, but it sets me up for the day and I don't want anything else until lunch time. Then if I'm at work it'll be fruit, a couple of apples, oranges and maybe kiwi fruit, a cup of Marigold and a
WW fruit yogurt.
If it's a work lunch I pick the middle out of sandwiches and have the least fat option. I'm very careful with carbs.
I know KD says we should be able to eat everything, but for me steering clear of bread, white rice, pasta completley suits me now.
For supper I have protein, chicken fish, prawns, tinned tuna. I have discovered quinoa and often make a taboulleh type dish with garlic, lemon fresh mint and parley and spring onions to which I add olive oil.
I always have a pot of soup made in the slow cooker, often butternut squash, celery, carrot, red onion,lentils, whatever.
If I feel hungry in between I heat a mug in the microwave.
I also have a packet of sugar free jelly always made up for snacking with or without fruit.
With my protein I have a huge salad and or cooked veg, but no sauces. I add lemon or orange juice and a drizzle of olive oil to lots of things and chilli flakes, pine nuts, sometimes a bit of anchovy fillet and capers. I like intense flavours.
I still drink loads of water, black coffee and sometimes Marigold as a drink.
In the evenings I often have more fruit and a pro- biotic yogurt drink.
I used to always have a chocolate shake before bed time on LL so now I have an Option sachet most nights.
Occasionally Ihave a small glass of wine, but I don't enjoy it much any more.
I hope this might be hopeful for you.It works for me. :copon:


Is back in the saddle!
That's great SB. I like the thought of flavouring up, always have done. Chili flakes have a lot to answer for!!

I've just bought some porridge sachets, the Good To Yourself ones, for next week as I'm dropping the LL one and, like you, breakfast has now become a set you up for the day habit! Having some of my youghurt or fruit portion with that sounds scrummy. Can't wait!
My pleasure FT

And another thing - I usually have a bowl of home made coleslaw in the fridge to pick at if I get hungry in between ( except OH keeps nicking it). White cabbage finely shredded, grated carrot, onion, sometimes celery, parsley or coriander, black pepper, whatever is to hand.
I make the dressing from no fat yogurt, lemon juice and wine vinegar. Sometimes add nuts too and perhaps the odd sultana if I feel fruity!
My tactic is to have plenty of variety and things which are easily to hand if I get the munchies. I love dried apricots and cranberries, but apart from being expensive they are also high in calories. I've been caught out by them before, so I ration myself now.
I probably have too much fruit and not enough carbs officially, but it seems to suit me.All I kinow is I have loads of energy and I haven't been so healthy for years. Loving it.
I'm off to do my gardening in a minute while the weather is okay. I've already done my ironing this morning - still can't believe this is me!
Good luck finding out for you.As BL would say:
"Have a nice day" !


Is back in the saddle!
I've just PMed DQ to ask if it would be possible for a Maintenance section to be added to the LL forum sub category. I feel guilty enough talking full food in a still dieting area.

I also feel that the diet itself is a breeze. You buy the packs, you eat the packs, you lose weight. It's maintenance I'm going to need support and advice on more than anything having been there and not done that right before. It would have been a good place for BL's carbs post too and it looks like yummy could do with a bolt hole.
Good idea

i agree - loosing the weight is the easy bit. Maintenance is the hardest.


...we're sinking deeper.
Lovely ideas SB! I may try to follow your advice as well - have ready made healthy options in the fridge 'in case of munchies'. Something easy grab-and-go, because half the time we resort to unhealthy stuff because it's pre-packaged and ready for us to consume without any effort at all.
For those times I have small gem lettuces in my fridge at the moment! Tiny calorie value, but they do fill you up for quite a while because of their bulk, and have plenty of water in them to keep you hydrated. Of course once I start eating more properly they will gain some low-fat salad dressing, and maybe even some texture in the form of a few nuts and seeds. :D
I'm really looking forward to porridge with a tablespoon of raisins in and cinnamon. ... LighterLife's porridge has always been quite nice, but I can't wait for the real deal... ! Or homemade muesli. 30g rolled oats, tbsp. raisins, some nuts, maybe some berries and some skim. milk. Yum...!

I do agree with the breakfast though. I saw a huge difference in my energy, behaviour, subsequent eating when I skipped it. I was more tired, grumpy and tended to get that 'binge' feeling when I'd not had anything for way too long. I always try to have something now. :D Mmmm. Breakfast is the best meal of the day I think.


Is back in the saddle!
Yay!! We have a new home!! (Well nearly.) Many thanks DQ.


Queen of the Damned
Sorry, my bad :eek: There was already a 'Maintenance' Forum - I just needed to add LL to it! Should work now but let me know :)
Its interesting that both of you SB and BL have stayed away from carbs, I officially finish RTM tomorrow with my last weigh in and am scared of the future, but think that I will also keep away from the dreaded beige food. You both give me alot of hope that I can manage this myself with adaptions to suit me and my needs.


...we're sinking deeper.
I think I may post something about portion sizes from the LLLite management booklet which I find quite useful! I wouldn't stay away from carbs forever because I do believe in having a balanced eating plan, it's just knowing how much you can have of a good thing and sticking to those portions!