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For me - 6 to go

Well im set and im ready for the morning, all food planned and a full day ahead (mainly to keep my mind off food):D

Let me start by giving you a background story, im a 31 year old mother of one. Spent most of my life on a diet, however looking back at photos there was no need i was skinny! but i always wanted to be that much smaller. When i met ,my husband in 2004 i was 9st 7 and a size 10/12. Fast forward 6 years of contentment eating, boozy nights out, meals out, take aways and one baby, im now 17 st plus:cry:. Thats scary written down! I know im not going to be in the 9 stones again but i also dont want to be in a coffin.

Im a student nurse so i know the implications of carrying this weight and i also know im not setting a good example to my patients or my little boy.

This has to be the last time, i do not want another christmas like this. I want to be able to go out, in fact i want to knock peoples socks off. If we spend much more time inside with me complaing, moaning and stuffing my face who would blame the hubby for looking elsewhere.

So this is it, my diary! im going to record it religiously every day, so please feel free to chip in, in fact i urge you to. Especially if im doing something wrong.

Onwards and downwards then :rolleyes: Im looking forward to this ;)
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Pea on legs!
Good luck! I started at roughly the same weight and have been losing steadily (albeit not as quickly as I'd like!) Just passed the 6 months mark and I'm still going, so just know that it is possible to keep it up!
Thank you spanx, it does seem like an uphill struggle at the minute but people like your good self show me it can be done x
Good morning everyone! up early this morning with the school run. Feeling very positive today and whoever sent me the lovely message and rep comment thank you so much :) Here goes day 1
Good morning doingthisforme :wavey:...

Just wanted to pop in and say "good luck". You can sooooo do this, I can certainly identify with the staying indoors (although Im an antisocial git anyway :p), I went to hubbies works do on Monday -and I usually avoid them like the plague :faint2:!
Im sure you will get loads of support on here-everyone is lovely and helpful. No doubt I will pop in again..
Have a lovely day and hope you get off to a good start :cross:
Well today has been mainly all good. 100% food wise and managed to get my daily fix of crisps in there. However got the shock of my life this morning, our house backs onto a field and next door are not the most clean on the street and they always have the mouse man visiting. Anyhow little one slept with us last night and when i went in his room to get clean socks etc there was a bloody dead mouse floating in his fish tank. Oh it was awful and the fish is dead, r.i.p Bob. So been on a mad cleaning spree ( body magic ) and luckily not found any more or any evidence. Please be a one off :)
well all quiet on the four legged friend front last night :D. Up and ready for another good day, think its going to be extra easy today just fancy spaghetti bolognese for tea. Hope your all having a good few days
Day 2 and a bloody blip already, its been very emotional today with an anniversary of a death and a funeral tomorrow. Not going to beat myself up tho ive picked but not gone mega ott. Anyhow onwards and upwards
hi doingthisforme welcome to minimins good luck losing the lbs :talk017:
Thank you, on the plus side just booked our summer holiday next year yay!!!!!
bit late this entry but i refuse to stay at my house at the minute so been at my mums and my mother in laws. At my mums im fine but at the mil omg i do NOT need fattening up so stop trying to feed me !!!! Sleeping there again tonight think i will offer to do a cooked breakfast for us all in morn sw style rather than have her bring me doorstop white bread with best butter (was ver good tho haha). If i make it till xmas it will be a miracle
so knows hun shes always been the same x