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for mrs v.

how are you doing......
i think form your threads we have kids same age..
i have a hormone loaded teenager.
5 yr old girl izzy , 3 yr old sam and 2 yr old livvy. should be slim running round after them.
anyway ss today .....
how have you been getting on ? how long you been on cd for?
let me know ur story, i find other peoples tales inspiring. day off today cos working the weekend so gonna be sat here lots of today ! in between kid stuff.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Hi Sue.

Thank you for the post.
Jessica is 22 months going on 22 years!!! Very independent and head strong!!!

I have been SS now for 10 days and for me the weekends are the most difficult. Last week, Hubby came home from working away in London and decided that he would have a chinese Friday night, KFC for lunch Sat and then a large donner kebab and chips Sat night. Sunday saw us sat in KFC with Jessica eating popcorn chicken and Jason tucking into a large meal....at that stage I cried whilst clutching my bottle of water!!! Come Sunday night Jason then had a half pound cheese burger for tea, as there was "nothing to eat" in the house - apart from veg and fruit for Jessica!! (Hubby doesn't "do" fruit and veg).....if I can get through that, then anything is possible!

The turning point decider for me to start this diet, was when we had a medical at work. Apart from telling me the obvious - clinically obese, could do with dieting blah de blah, I was told that my sugar level was low considering I had eaten 1 hour before the examination. Shortly after, I began to experience little niggly chest pains and that's what scared me!

We want to have another baby, but as the last time I gained 5 stone, I can't afford for my health to suffer by gaining that anount again!

Sadly teenagers and hormones don't mix!! I don't envy your role as Mum at the moment!!!

I work full time as an administrator with Helicopter Pilots, so all day I get to see loads of fit men in uniform!! Lol.
It would be nice to have the occasional glance!!!

How are you finding the SS?


well only started ss today . so far so good. i kept to the full week of preparation so hoping this will make things easier for me. i work in the district as a community staff nurse and apart from me they are all slim, go to the gym and are really healthy. the girls have been really supportive giving me a glass of water in the morning instead of the usual cup of coffee. my wt ballooned after the last 3 kids, fell prgnant really quick after the birth of 1, so had the 3 between 2002/2005 and i also lost a baby during that time as well. turning point for me is another girl has done the lighter life and she looks fab, so thought i would try cambridge as i couldnt afford LL.also my uniiforms are fitting snugly, put stuff in my pockets and its all over !!! thought do i want to go up another dress size or shift some wt. have done ww, sw and all the others prior to the kids and did well. i was at 10 st 2 for ages and happy with that, no thats where i want to get back to. even my jeans feel a bit looser this morning. i have got up knackered , think having caffeine withdrawal symptoms cos not sleeping well , BUT feeling really positive about suceeding

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
You really sound as if you are on track!!!

Just try and keep drinking the water, it really does help take the hunger pangs away. I too have tried WW and SW and they do work, but my problem is that when there are any unlimited quantities of something, I eat to the point of over eating - chicken free on SW red day - I could put away 2 whole chickens!!!

As for the caffeine withdrawl, I couldn't go thorugh not having my diet coke, so as a compromise, I have 2 cans of coke zero a day - that's my limit. It is working for me, so I am happy.
On top of that, I drink 4-5 litres of water a day, so I don't think I am doing too badly!!

Keep it up! You may find that Day 1 is a doddle, but 2 & 3 will be a test for you...it was for me. Come on here and catch any of us for a chat when things get too much!

Take care


mmm, it fell my working weekend being day 2 and 3 as when tootling round visiting my patients food never bothers me. dont drink huge amounts in the morning, although got small bot of coke zero in the car , as i work out in the sticks, cant always get to a loo and some houses have to go into you wipe ur feet on the way out !!!! wouldnt want to use their loos ! scary how some people live ....... sigh looking round my kitchen , bomb site

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