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For once I'm making long term plans!

S: 17st0lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 2st3lb(13.03%)
This diet has really made me realise that I never want to go to these extremes again in either weight gain or taking on such an extreme diet plan. Dont get me wrong me wrong i really like what the Lipotrim is doing for me and I'm very grateful - I just dont want to ever feel so bad about myself that I feel I need that this is my only option.

I have done LT before and lost 3 1/2 st, but got over confident and of course gained it back, and it has been worrying me that the same will happen this time.

So, I decided to get proactive. I have an appointment with my nearest (ladies only) gym tomorrow to start my new plan of action!!!! I would have waited until I finished LT but there is a great offer at the moment and I took that as a sign - I always put things off "I'll start eating healthy tomorrow", "I'll exercise tomorrow" and thats how I am in the situation that I am in. Tomorrow is today!
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S: 19st12lb C: 17st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.87%)
That's great! I started exercising this week too, feel great n full of energy! I really don't want to go to the effort of losing half my body weight to put it on again so alls I seem to think about is planning my maintainence n general lifestyle post lipotrim - I think that is the real test, but oddly, I am really excited to be fit n healthy n to eat really well for the rest of my life!
S: 17st0lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 2st3lb(13.03%)
Mighty monocle...do you find it difficult to exercise on lipotrim?

Good for you and best of luck with it! At least you are optimistic which is really important!
they say that maintenance is can actually be harder than actually loosing the weight but nonetheless it beats gaining it back again anyday. :rolleyes:

But if you think about, I dont know about you but I definitely have a food addiction. People that go to rehab for drugs and alcohol need to have a plan after they finish rehab, so I guess we have to do the same.

My boyfriends mother is an inspiration to me as years ago she lost so musch weight and has been maintaining it for over 10 years now. Sometimes when I meet up with her she eats whatever she wants and sometimes she is very careful and will have very sensible food. She says it annoys her when people make comments that she is so lucky to have such a great figure she must be able to eat whatever she wants, because she works really hard to maintain her weight and its a constant battle, but one that is well worth doing!

Also I've found that seperating my total goal into small goals is helping. I started at 17 stone and now im 16 st 5 lbs, my first goal is 14st 7lbs, the next 12st 7lbs and then 10st 7lbs. Is not as scary that way.
S: 19st12lb C: 17st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.87%)
The first few weeks I found I became very fatigued very quickly (quicker than I would have prelipotrim) so I didn't keep at it for a long while, however this week I've been doing different workouts at home (yoga, pilates, belly dancing and walk-aerobics) this time round I am finding exercise so much easier n really enjoyable!
Possibly as I am now 4 and a half stone lighter than I was when I started.. One thing though, I exercised nearly everyday this week and only lost 1 lb.. This might be that I am retaining water or that I have gained a little muscle mass.. anyone else got any idea?? Not let it bothered me as a lb loss is still a loss n I feel great now I am exercising!
S: 17st0lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 2st3lb(13.03%)
Loosing that much weight so fast is amazing. Maybe your body needs a break for a week. And that is still 1lb that is off your body. I know I did belly dancing in college and while my jeans fit better I wasnt loosin weight, it builds a huge amount of muscle - the same happens with zumba for some reason.

I wanted to do the lipotrim so that when i go to the gym i dont have as much pressure on my knees, they click when i walk up the stairs not a good sign.

Anyways Im taking a leaf out of your book and going for a wak this morning. Gotta start somewhere. :)


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S: 20st11lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 6st7lb(31.27%)
It will definately be muscle... which is heavier than fat.... maybe take measurements also.... : ) x

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