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Hi All

It is 2:50am and I have just got back from the leaving do that I said I was not going to go to.

I started by going home, having my soup and water, then heading off to the bar to have a few drinks. Though the drinks were pints of Diet Coke (which ok isn't allowed but better than coming off all together and going for Beer)

I then decided to head to the club, sober, and I danced the entire night... sober!! Just with 2 other mates and my diet coke ahahaha...

I am so pleased with myself.. I have had a full night out, bar and club with my mates. I only had diet coke, no booze and no pub food :D I do not feel hungry and have not felt like I have come out of ketosis. I am so chuffed this is my first night out since starting the diet and it was a complete success...

Sorry just had to post here cus I am over the moon that I went out, danced and did it all sober (I usually feel too self conscious to dance when I am sober.. but I surprised myself and danced anyways!)

Hope everyone is doing well :D
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morning it's not easy to go out and enjoy ure night without breaking the diet. its happened to me twice and failed lol so well done to you hun xx


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Wow, thats fantastic, well done on not coming off the plan.

Glad you had a good evening


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Well done... I've got a colleagues 40th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and I'll use this as inspiration to get me through :D

Bonus to wake up with no hangover either ;)


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That really is brilliant - well done, you should feel very proud of yourself and I'm glad you had a good night :clap: :clap:


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Think you did brilliantly... fantastic! You didn't miss out, you danced all night and had lots of fun... who needs beer?


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Woohoo go you! It can be just as much fun partying without the alcohol :) I'm a student so I'm out all the time (spending the whole weekend in the pub over the Six Nations) and I refuse to drink despite everyone trying to pressure me into it. Actually that only makes me more determined not to drink! I only take time off the diet for big 3 blips coming up :D

Redhead you'll have a great night out without the drink!