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For those that have had children


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S: 16st7.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 5st7.5lb(33.48%)
Does the 'mummy tummy' ever disapear?

Since having my little boy I've got the tell tale 'pouch' for a tummy and I hate it. The stretch marks don't bother me as they are fading (but I found new ones on my hips :eek:) but the saggy, wrinkly overhang is so depressing.

I thought maybe I would have noticed a difference now I've lost a stone but no... its still there as big as ever!
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How spooky! I just got out the bath and was thinkin the exact same thing. I've lost 16lb and while my tummy has got smaller i fear i am always going to have the overhang you talk about!:cry:

Lets keep our fingers crossed!!



soon to be skinny minnie
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My ds is nearly 8 and i lost a lot of weight when he was 2, i got down to a comfortable size 12 from a 20 but i still had the saggy belly :( I don't think it will ever go, but it doesn't bother me enough to go and do something about it either. It is just a wee remider that i'm a mummy and have 2 beautiful children xx


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I have had 2 kids, and although i never had sagging/stretched skin like my sister even though I am at Target size 10/12, I still have a wobbly/jelly belly as I call it...sorry it's not good news!!!


I have my mojo
S: 17st9lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st13lb(39.27%)
I know exactly how you feel! I don't think it will ever go, I think we just have to do our best to tone it. I do ab crunches everyday to try and solve it, and I think there are forming abs under the flab! lol

K xx


Don't worry, be happy :)
S: 11st12lb C: 9st0lb G: 7st12lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 2st12lb(24.1%)
Mine has slowly disappered just over a year after having my youngest. I still have really wrinkly skin but its slowly tightening up but I would say it wouldnt have happened without doing a good bit of exercise.
You can check my profile pictures and you see the 'hang' in the before comparison picture.
I've lost my weight really slowly so my skin has had time to catch up, so the slower loses from an eating plan like slimming world is great for your skin as it gives it the time to adjust to your weight loss. :)


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S: 15st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 3st1lb(20.28%)
Ooh yeah I have one of these too. I've lot 2.5st and it is still there but it has shrunk a lot. I have the problem of it overhangin my C-section scar (attractive).

I think when I'm at target it will be a lot better but if it isn't then I guess I might look into stomach crunches or something (that will never happen lol)

Yeah, me too. Mine hangs over my c-section. I've been told it will shrink and get smaller as I lose weight, but that it will never go no matter how much exercise I do. The only thing that will shift it is surgery. But I can't honestly say I'm too worried about it so long as I look good in clothes, my days of looking good naked are long gone and I don't care what Gok says about it...lol


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Little Red, your pics are fantastic! What a change

Exercise is the best way to go about it (or marry a millionaire and get surgery). I can recommend yogamazing.com Yoga for Love Handles. The last section is hard, but it gets easier with practice.


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Wow little*red your pictures are amazing!! Congrats on losing all that weight :D

I also have the loose skin. Even though my tummy is shrinking, I think once you get the wrinkly skin it is there to stay, you can lose the lbs and tone up muscle, but the skin damage can only be repaired by a tummy tuck. :(

It is disappointing when you can try so hard but there are some things we just cannot change. At least our tums will be leaner and we'll be healthier even if we do have a little 'pouch'. Hmmm, suddenly feeling rather like a kangaroo!


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S: 16st7.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 5st7.5lb(33.48%)
Thank you all for being so honest... no it's not what I wanted to hear and I've had a little cry about it :eek: but as someone said it is just another little reminder I had my little boy.

I do have an ab trainer which I've used once but need to use it some more... maybe it will help a little but if not at least I will have tried.

LittleRed - your photos are stunning! What an amazing transformation and I love the way your whole face is smiling in the during photos! Well done chick!


Don't worry, be happy :)
S: 11st12lb C: 9st0lb G: 7st12lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 2st12lb(24.1%)
thank you all for your lovely comments on my photos.
I honestly think it can be done but it means doing it slowly to allow skin to recover, lots of toning exercises for the muscles underneath but also losing enough weight for the fat on you stomach to go, which means you would maybe have to get to the lower end of the bmi scale.
Unfortunetly we can't pick and choose where we lose our weight from (well without lipo anyway!) and those little stubborn tummies just love hanging on in there!

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