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for those who are close to target

simple answer - could be gym and yes my weight loss slowed down for the last half stone - I tried everything - ss on 4 packs, but eventually had to give in an go onto 810 - my bmi was 25.2 at the time. But I lost REALLY WELL on 810 - actually faster than on ss - I can't answer whether or not it can happen for the last stone or two as I only had about two stone to lose when I started on cd (having lost 5 stone with ww and got stuck). Hope you get sorted, but 810 worked for me xx
thanks hun i think ill look into what i can have now on the 810 plan :) your'e brill ty xxxxx
on 810 you can have more chicken than ss+ - I used to have two small tins of tuna - one for lunch with a pack and the other with a bit of salad - it is the milk that is the best bit - a latte is such a treat after ss!! I warm up my milk in the microwave, shove it in a caffetiere and push the plunger up and down a lot till it is really frothy - I add my coffee and a little water and et voila - mmm an soooo filling!!
Good luck x
Hi hun,

If you have had one lowish week, rather than a run of them then I wouldn't conclude yet that it is slowing as this can happen from time to time.

Are you still drinking loads of water as us on the LT board are struggling a bit with this at moment cos its gettin colder.

Mind you if you are planning on seriously hitting the gym hardcore then you may end up moving up in any case so you don't send your body into starvation mode as more than moderate exercise can be tough on a VLCD.

I would be tempted to start researching but give it another ss week to see if it becomes a pattern of slower losses. By the way had a look at your pics the other night and you are looking really fab, well done x
oh wow how nice - i think my hubbie will be more comfy if i start moving up plans now :) although i want to ss for another stone but i can see his point went to the gym today and burnt off 250 calories and only had 3 packs : he is getting very fearful im going to keel over lol but i feel fine a bit tired but fine -- i just want to lose this weight and he doesnt seem to understand that he says i look beautiful now but i still dont feel it yet

nikki x
ty tara xxx that was really kind of you x
Hi, slaterslady you look stunning. How long has it taken you to lose the 78lbs (as that's approx. what I want to lose, I wasn't sure if you started at the end of May, sorry to sound silly - I'm new to this forum)

Is it true if you do more than moderate exercise on CD you go into starvation mode? What do they class as moderate exercise? As I am worried about loose skin, so want to do some exercise & I once I have lost the weight I know I will have to exercise with healthy eating to maintain my goal weight- so I want to exercise if possible while SS-ing.
hi blue hope this helps with definitions of levels of exercise:

How to Rank Your Activity Level
Very light activity. You spend most of a typical day sitting. You rarely exercise.
Light activity. You work in an office, but your day includes some walking, bicycling, or stair-climbing. Or you exercise at least 20 to 45 minutes at least once a week.
Moderate activity. Your daily routine involves walking or standing most of the day or includes some brisk or uphill walking or some lifting. Or you exercise at least 20 to 45 minutes about three times a week.
Heavy activity. Your daily routine keeps you moving most of the time or includes some running, heavy lifting, or swimming. Or you exercise at least 20 to 45 minutes every day.
Exceptional activity. You're unstoppable. You're training daily for an athletic event, or you're a professional dancer or athlete with a strenuous schedule.

About 65 percent of Americans fall into one of the first two categories.

I started 29th may at 15 stone 5 but previously i was 17 stone, I am currently around 11stone 1-3 depending on what time of day i weigh myself :)



Laugh in the face of food
Hi hun, I've got a stone to go to target and I'm not sure if I've slowed down or not, last week I stayed the same, but the week before I lost 6lbs. I've gone onto SS+ last week, just to make things more interesting for me.

My problem at the moment is keeping motivated, because I feel so good about myself now I feel like I could be happy to stop now. But I really want to get to target just to give myself a fighting chance to keep the weight off for good.

I really hope the losses don't slow down too much, for either of us. The last measly stone has got to go!!!
I do understand how u feel this last stone and a half is the hardest because I just want it off now and my journey into maintenance to start. Thing is my weigh in isnt until saturday but my scales havent really moved this week, so i cant see that changing between now and sat.

saying that i did try my xmas dress on and it is definitely looser - so who knows, but im gonna keep going to the gym and if next weeks loses are crap then im gonna move up plans and hope my body responds - i just wanted to be perfect for xmas :)

nikki xx


Laugh in the face of food
I know exactly what you mean!!! I weigh in on Monday and so far the scales refuse to move. I'm not quitting yet, but I'm gonna give it another few weeks and maybe move up the plans, I've heard of people losing moreas they move up. Fingers crossed we can both get there before Christmas!! We'll get there!
Nikki, you look pretty good to me. I think you have done fantastic and I know you'll achieve your goal.
I hope I won't be too long behind you. My first goal is just 2 weeks away (all being well) and then after Christmas I'm setting a new goal which I should achieve by mid/end Feb - I never thought I could get as far as I have.

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