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For those who have moved from sw...

Hi everybody,

I am struggling to decide which weight loss plan to embark on and was hoping for some advice. In the past I have lost weight successfully on the old WW points plan but if I am honest I rarely made healthy choices and relied heavily on ready meals and using my points on junk!

I am debating either giving pro points or sw a try and was wondering for those who have been on sw and recently moved to pro points, why they made the move, which diet they prefer and why and how their losses compare?

I posted something similar on the sw board a few days ago and had some fab responses so thought the best way to make an informed choice was to do the same on the ww forum as I am sure those of you following pro points will give equally good reasons why pro points is the way forward! Unfortunately I am one of those annoying people who needs to know the ins and outs of everything and who debates things to death before making a decision, lol!
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Im currently doing ww but have done sw in the past, the main reason i chose ww over sw was flexibility, on ww i can eat what i want , most days, yes , i do eat healthy and cook from scratch, but there are times i just want a huge bar of choc, or a mac ds, and ww fits this better, where as on sw choc is quite high syn wise, and i found by the time id counted my dressing on salad, gravy or sauce with dinner, there woudnt be enough left to satisfy my sweet tooth, so for me ww wins x
Got to be short as i have work in a minute - I tried one week of SW and sts, did ww for a week and i had a loss. I felt on SW that i has free range to binge on the diet as long as it was on the green or red day free list.
hi i moved from sw to ww 13 weeks ago. i was at sw for 2yrs the first year i lost 1 stone and for the 2nd year i just yo yoed and couldnt shift the weight. 13 weeks ago i joined ww and am at target now losing the 12 lbs i wanted to shift and have loved every minute, you have so much more flexibility on the new pro points plan, hope my answer helps you :)
hi I did sw and lost nearly 5 stone. Its a good plan if you like cooking as it does require you to make alot from scratch. I stopped doing it when I moved house and got a new OH. As usual in a new relationship we had a lot of meals out and takeaways and Ive put quite a bit on.

I decided to give WW a go because I was still having really big portions on SW and needed to control this. I have found WW fits in much more with everyday life and works well.

TBH I lost as a similar rate on both plans. I would think about your own needs and the kind of foods that you like.

Good Luck with whichever plan you choose xxxx


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i agree with lizzie , i dd sw for awhile and found alot of it was cooking from scratch i was always eating "free" food and was skint most of the time , think ww is the better plan but it is really your choice wishing you all the best whatever plan you decide on x
I have recently moved from SW to WWPP. I was orignally a vegetarian (for 28 years) so followed green days and lost 1 1/2 stone. Just over 2 months ago I started to eat meat, this coincide with illness and a stay in hospital so I gained quite a bit of weight. I then moved to extra easy plan on SW but really really struggled, unless I wanted to use syns, I couldn't have milk and cheese the same day, again unless I wanted to use syns I had to choose between bread, cereral and cereal bars, being ill also meant that I would rather on some days eat a ready meal or something ready prepared. This was far more difficult on SW than WW. So I have just completed my 3rd day on WWPP and although I felt a little hungry (mainly due to dramatically reduced portions of rice, pasta and potatoes - which isn't necessarily a bad thing?) its going ok and fits in more easily with every day life. There is more variety in terms of what you can eat. I've told myself I will give WWPP a go for a couple of weeks and see how I get on, I can always go back to SW if this doesn't work out, but its going really well so far so i think I will be sticking with it for a while :)

Good luck with whatever plan you choose to do x
Good luck x

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LOl I've just realised I posted in both the WW and SW version of this post, you must think I am a nutter LOL! I was doing SW but now doing WW so at the time of writing my sentiments were geniune (although realising I was struggling really), anyway good luck.
hi topsyturvy i was on sw for a while yrs ago and lost loads . over the yrs i put it back on.so joined sw again but it had all changed i lost 2.5 stone but came to a halt after 2 yrs,so after lots of humming and aring i joined ww 3 weeks ago upto now ive lost 4.5lb and im loving the fact i can eat anything xx goodluck xxx
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I love propoints. I stayed away from SW for now simply because it was my portion sizes that were out of control (i have a bottomless pit instead of a stomach). I think SW or simply filling on propoints are good for some people and I will try simply filling sometime I think.
Good luck with propoints, keep us updated! X

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