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For those who keep a food journal...

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...do you keep it whilst you're on holiday? Or does it go out of the window?

I write in mine every day, after each meal usually. It really helps me stay on track, because otherwise I make things up or conveniently forget things...and then kid myself that I've been good and wonder why I STS or gain!!

I'd like to stay on track over hols as much as possible. It's going to be so hard to estimate syns with eating out etc., but if I don't write it down I could just go McLoopy!!

Am I being totally control-freak about this? Should I just relax and not worry?!
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I try.... I'm usually pretty good for the first 3 days and then it kind of goes by the wayside and that's when I tend to put the weight on.
Thing is, you don't have far to go now to get to target so "switching off" completely could be a bit detrimental?

Writing down will help to keep you on track, even if you have extra treats at least you can see it and maybe if you have an off plan day then you could have an on plan one the next?

I'd stick with what you know, it will help you girl!


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I started writing my own journal recently (seeing yours in your photos inspired me to start one!) & I write in it always. Im off on holiday next week & I wasn't planning on keep up to date knowing there'll be treats here there & everywhere but like you said, writing it down keeps you focused so even if you go over syns, which is bound to happen, you probably won't go crazy knowing you're keeping track of everything.

Enjoy your holiday though, don't let keeping track of food distract you from enjoying yourself x

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I write mine religiously. Im a bit of a control freak anyway! Lol
I have a hardback book that I write in every day, as well as coming on here (not always possible for me at the weekends).
If I dont write it down, I forget what I eat (memory like a goldfish), so would rather look back at what I have. It also helps if Im struggling with meal ideas too.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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me 2 but i love coming on here aswell to record . also everytime i see mrs v avator it always makes me smile :D(i feel like telling this to the scales every wi lol)


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I did it (mostly) the last 2 weeks while I was off, and I managed to lose 1lb so it must have helped! I stuck with the eating plan pettymost but as I was on my hols I took advantage of the lovely weather to stop some wine going off! (most days!)
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i kept mine for the first three weeks when i was away and STS, then i stopped writing down and did that massive 10lb in 10days...i feel there might be a moral in there!
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I have to admit I'm a total control freak and do my food diary every day, even when on hols. It justs helps me to feel in control of my eating, and therefore in control of my weight. But you can still be a bit more flexible on hols though. Maybe allow yourself a few more syns than usual?

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Thanks lots all! I'm going to keep it and write in it, whatever goodies I consume. It'll help me focus and I can't afford to put on really, certainly not more than 1 or 2 lbs. Treats wine and all, it'll go in. I've usually given up about 3 days in too, in the past, but will FOCUS next week!

Thank friends :)
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When I go on hols, I like to enjoy myself so I don't worry about SW. I just try to make smart choices when I can, and get extra exercise in where I can as well


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