Forgetting where you came from

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    I've known quite a few people over my lifetime who have been obese/morbidly obese women who have lost a great deal of weight (most through lap band/gastric bypass). The most recent woman, now that she's hit her goal weight, has started to put fat/obese people down. She actually started doing it while she was losing weight. She now identifies herself as a "skinny" person and likes to nit-pick and judge those who are heavier than her.

    Does anyone else notice this strange phenomenon of fat women (and men, but I mainly see it in women, myself) who suddenly become skinny through surgery and they act utterly rude and obnoxious, as if they have totally forgotten where they once came from? Oh, and the aforementioned woman I was talking about above? She is keeping her gastric bypass surgery a secret, which is even more frustrating, because she cannot even admit that she used the surgery to help her achieve her goal.

    I mean... I just don't understand people like this. Do you? Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I don't know why it gets under my skin so much, but you would think someone who once shared your struggles would empathize with-- not criticize-- those in the same boat they were once in.

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