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Forgive me WWers for I have sinned!

Well I did it! I finally joined. I weighed in last night at 15 stone 2 (bit heavier than my own scales - must update my ticker). I feel a bit daunted to be honest!

My story: My name is Louise and Im 25. Im living in Dublin in a little village called Lusk with my boyfriend. I never remember a time where my weight was not a problem. My sister died a year ago and I binge ate my way to a couple of extra excess stone but now I need to stop!!

Im a bit unsure of what to cook and what way to prepare my food but Im hoping Ill learn along the way. Ill need lots of help from you guys.

I had a banana and 2 slices of brown toast for my brekkie and Im planning on having a chicken salad for lunch. Im going out for my dinner later - mams birthday but have seen the menu and I think Ill be ok.

I might keep this as my diary pages :cool:
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Good to hear your taking the decision to start WW. Im back on track after 2 weeks messing about I gained 3.5lbs. Im back on track today, my first week I lost 11lbs so its a great diet! Look forward to speaking to you regularly x
Hi Laney

Big welcome to WWing. ! dont worry you will soon get the hang of it and will soon become a way of life. We are all here to help you and support you in your journey.

When I first did WW years ago, I was the same weight as yourself and soon saw the pounds tumbling away :)

I remember being daunted when I first started but within a few days I soon had the hang of pointing and was amazed at how much I could eat within my points allowance! everyone used to comment that i couldnt possibly eat that much and loose weight ....but I did. :D:D

WW does work, and its a brilliant way to learn to eat healthily.

Well done for taking the first step. :)

Deb x
Hi everyone,

I am away on holiday to Florida tomorrow but I plan to start weight watchers when I get back. I lost 12lbs on the Cambridge diet but it didn't suit me at all. I think WW will be much more my cup of tea. I know Laney from the Cambridge forum so thought I'd pop on to say hi before I leave for my hol.

Laney, best of luck with ww sweetie. I'll be back on here when I get back to see how you are getting on and to have a wee catch up.

Lotsa love
Lucy :hug99: xxx
ok just checked you are doing ww , ok there is something on todays summary look at the summary today and go to considering doing and you will see msjmc has put a thread up link on the link its all about points for ww
Hi Laney
Welcome! So sorry to hear about your sister.
This is a great forum and very supportive so if you need any help just give us a shout.
Best of luck with it and I look forward to reading your diary.
Morning everyone :D
I seem to be doing ok so far. My mood has lifted because Ive been able to do well so far. Ive nothing major planned for this weekend so I should be able to resist the temptation! I definately think for me that planning my meals ahead are the best way to go. Today Im having:

Brekkie:2 weetabix 2points / a little sugar 0.5 / milk in daily allowance

Snack: Apple 0.5

Lunch: Not too sure yet...might go out for lunch with work but dont worry Ill be good :innocent0002:

Dinner: Chicken fillet 2.5 / amoy straight to wok thin noodles 3 / peppers, onion 0 / chow mein sauce 1

Extras: Milk 1.5

Im supposed to be goin to the cinema later on. How many points for a small plain popcorn ??
Sorry probably too late for the popcorn query but for future reference:

salted smalll - 3.5
sweet small - 5

Hope you have a lovely weekend! What did you see at the cinema?
Laneys Diary - week 2

Well its the start of my 2nd week. I went to my weigh in last night reluctantly and actually lost 0.5lb. I dont know how because I will admit I ate everything that wasnt nailed down but maybe someone was trying to help me?? So here I am week 2....raring to go. Im joining a pilates class tonight so Im dying to see how that goes?? Anyone ever been before??
Well its the start of my 2nd week. I went to my weigh in last night reluctantly and actually lost 0.5lb. I dont know how because I will admit I ate everything that wasnt nailed down but maybe someone was trying to help me?? So here I am week 2....raring to go. Im joining a pilates class tonight so Im dying to see how that goes?? Anyone ever been before??
Well done on your 0.5lb. Glad to hear that you're raring to go! Pilates sounds great, I've not been myself although I've done Yoga in the past and really enjoyed it. Let us know how you get on.
Im my own worst enemy. I posted here yesterday saying I was raring to go......not happening!

Ok so Ive a lot going on in my life but I cant keep using that as an excuse for eating junk. I took the kids to our local burger place as a treat and of course I indulged myself. Today hasnt been that great either. My head wants to do it but my hand keeps finding its way to my mouth :rolleyes:
Oh dear Laney sometimes it's so hard isn't it :hug99:.
Right missy I think you need to remind yourself why you want to lose this weight so much, have a look round for an outfit you would love to fit in by christmas and think how good you will feel about yourself once you're on track and losing. This is what I did a few weeks back as I kind of went off track a bit.
Delly's idea about planning sounds like great advice, sit down tonight and write out a plan for tomorrow, that way you will feel more in control and not dither about what to eat and feel less likely to 'cheat'.
I find that when I take the kids to Burger King I make a resolve not to have anything and take a ww bar with me. I know it's totally not the same and a few occasions I have indulged in a burger but when I take my bar with me I just have a cuppa and although my mouth is watering like mad at the time once the kids have finished and we've walked out of there I feel so much better that I didn't cave in.
I do know how you feel and totally sympathise. You can do this and you will do this! So start planning :D
Your dead right! I think I just need a good kick up the backside! Ill draw a line under today and PLAN for tomorrow!

I think I make it harder for myself sometimes. I need to get some of those WW bars next week at my meeting cos I do be looking for something with a cup of tea.
Aww, Laney,:patback: I'm sorry you didn't have a good day today. It's always really difficult to stay on track when your normal routine is upset - half term, and especially Halloween with all those yummy treats is really difficult. I have to admit, I'd be hard pushed to avoid a burger myself. I just love them.:break_diet:
but one burger in the week really isn't going to do much damage for the rest of your week.

Nails's advice is excellent - try and remember the reasons why you want to lose weight. I bet at least some of it is for your kids. I think you've the right idea about drawing a line under it though and starting afresh tomorrow.

Good luck,
Laney, no harm in having the odd burger so long as you point it :D

Someone kindly passed this link on to me, so here it is for you My Long and Bumpy Journey | A new me in 2007

You can still salvage this week, just take a point off your allowance for the rest of the week and make up for your booboo ;)

You can buy WW cake bars, mini rolls and biscuits in Tesco, so no need to wait until your next meeting. The yoghurts are great too for something sweet after dinner, they're only 1-2pts each.

I've had to swap tea for coffee or options hot chocolate because I love to have something nice with a cup of tea, I'm not missing the tea, nor the points in the biscuits that went with it :)

Planning ahead is great when you have time, but when you don't have time your best bet is to be stocked up on low points foods so you can't go too far wrong when you're in a hurry :)

C'mon, you can do it! :D

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