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Forgot to have my last shake????????


weighs a lot less
i wouldnt think so but try and remember them all its really important hun xx
just this once i dont think it will do any harm

i tried flapjacks on wed for the first time i had 2 shakes then was gonna have the fj in the evening i couldnt even manage half of it it was so disgusting so i went without, but it is important to have 3 a day x

rainbow brite

Do you have to incorporate all of the different varieties or can you just stick to the ones that you like? I mean if we really can't choke down a flapjack are we allowed to just not have them and have something else instead? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question.


weighs a lot less
the first time i would get a mixture of all 4 then choose which you like the best (or which ones you can stomach),you cant have flapjacks the first couple of weeks though,i have nearly all choc as i have it cold with ice yummy or hot with peppermint tea ,after a while your tastebuds alter and you can change the flavours about,i used to love the soup but dont now and hated the flapjacks but love them,you can add coffee to the vanilla and have it hot or cold xx

rainbow brite

Aha! Thanks for the tip :) xx

rainbow brite

I phoned the pharmacy this morning to check when I could go down and she said any time so I'll be heading over at about 1pm this afternoon. I'm both incredibly excited and very apprehensive at the same time! How did you find it when you started? xx


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I didn't have my last (female) shake last night (I have one female one for lunch, one male one for dinner & one female one for supper... equates to the 2 male packs you are supposed to have a day)... fell asleep at 8ish - god I had a great kip last night :D
i am living on choc and straw shakes thats all i really like x


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I only eat the strawberry, usually I forget to have one shake, about once a week, it doesn't seem to affect my weightloss, but I feel much lethargic the next day. If I take all my shakes I bound with energy. Am scared to take them too close together in case I come out of ketosis!
Its extremely important and you must try so hard not to miss out, you are already on the edge of starving yourself, they contain your daily allowances of vitimins and nutrients this is important for your weight loss, if you miss out you can have pants losses and feel like crap two close together is better than missing one
can having them close together knock you out of ketosis?????????? x


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can having them close together knock you out of ketosis?????????? x
No...but I found that if I had them close together I would feel overfull and sickly. Used to have mine bout 10am, 3pm and 8-830pm
i usually have mine around 9, 2 and 7pm but a couple of times i have been out all day so have had to squeeze 2 shakes in the evening x
Can't decide if to have choc or chicken........

i usually have my shakes at 12,5 and 9.

:eek:a shake after that chip buttie:D:D

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