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Former CD-er now starting SW..the journey

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by KateF, 12 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. KateF

    KateF Silver Member


    I lost three stone ish on CD eighteen months ago.

    Now a stone over target (well, was a stone and a half til a couple of weeks ago) I've just joined Slimming World.

    I have my third weigh in on Monday. First week I started on the Tuesday after the bank holiday, even though I knew I'd have a few days not really on it on my birthday. I thought I should at least join and start practicing SW principles. That week I gained 2 pounds. Then after my first full, proper week, I lost 6 pounds in the second W.I, hurrah!

    I'm amazed by how much you can eat. This feels like the healthiest diet I've ever done (after years of yo yo crash dieting, a lull and then the Cambridge Diet.)

    However I've just seen some Facebook photos of me on my birthday twelve days ago and feel I looked huge (and my hair looked crap too, to add insult to injury-it's not been right since an over enthusiastic hairdresser layered it earlier this year).

    In one way it's made me feel a bit down. In another, at least I've been on SW for 12 days since then and stuck to it and feel better. I'm just impatient. I want to be back to 11 and a half stone NOW!

    Still, I'm about 12 stone 4 now, so haven't got far to go until I feel comfortable. Tonight for tea it's a quorn steak, with veggies, then lovely sugar free jelly and a scoop of Marks and Sparks lovely "Count on us" caramel icecream. Maybe a curly wurly afterwards too. Oh joy- CD was never like this!

    I just thought I'd introduce myself to other happily eating SW-ers- and I might keep a sort of diary here.
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  3. ang

    ang Full Member

    slimming world
    hi kate welcome to slimming world you are doing really well xx
  4. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

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    SW is a great plan. I feel so much healthier since I've been on it and there is never a need to be hungry. Eat loads of the free food and enjoy it. The losses will be slower than with CD but you will feel so good for it. Welcome to our side of the forum, there are plenty of ex-CDers here! x
  5. tenbars

    tenbars Full Member

    Slimming World
    Welcome to SW. I have to say that I feel healthier than I have for years and plan to stick to the plan for that reason if no other. I am sure you will enjoy getting to target but can then live round the plan long term to stop weight piling back on.
  6. skinnymonkey1day

    skinnymonkey1day Silver Member

    slimming world
    hi kate welcome to sw its a great diet and forum. x
  7. emmaleighjohnson

    emmaleighjohnson Pink and Fluffy Poster

    Cambridge Diet
    I am planning on moving from CD to SW within the next few weeks. Did you gain at all in the transition?
  8. KateF

    KateF Silver Member

    Hello all!
    Thanks for the encouragement and welcome.

    Emma- there was a huge gap between me finishing CD and starting SW (over a year) so I can't really say. I am finding though that I'm loving being able to exercise and tone up on SW, which I didn't really have the energy to do on CD.

    I had my third weigh in last night and lost 1.5 pounds. Was hoping for 2, but it's star week, so was pleased to do as well as I did. I also had one of those satisfying moments of wearing a pair of trousers (black, size 14s) that haven't fitted for a while. In fact, even as recently as last Wednesday they felt too tight to wear, so just the last five days had made a difference.

    I'm loving the variety of stuff I'm starting to eat. Last night I made a Slimming World quiche (which my bloke said was more of a frittata- bonus, I'd made something posh I'd never heard of for hardly any calories!). He made a tomato and onion salad with mint sauce, I added an M and S three bean salad with mint sauce and bingo, a quite posh tea! Afters was an Alpen light bar chopped into a bowl with strawberry Muller light, strawberries and raspberries.

    I didn't drink as much as usual yesterday in preparation for weigh in and think I can feel the effects today so am glugging back the water now to get back rehydrated. I've started doing arm toning exercises at the gym when I go in for a swim and am determined to get toned arms for the first time in about six years. That'll probably happen quicker than my weight goal (which will be about another five or six weeks I reckon), so it'll be something else to aim for along the way.

    I can put so much energy into a diet when I put my mind to it- I just can't keep that level up forever. I am wondering though if in Slimming World I might finally found a basis for eating forever. I'm not sure I could have done it without the Cambridge first though, because that somehow made me very aware of the consequences of what I was putting into my body for the first time, and my tastes have changed to being generally healthier ever since.

    Hmmm, bit of a ramble there. Anyway. onwards for breakfast now. Shreddies or fruit? It depends on tea. What will that be? Ahh, decisions, decisions. I suppose that's the bit that's harder than eating healthily for me...
  9. emmaleighjohnson

    emmaleighjohnson Pink and Fluffy Poster

    Cambridge Diet
    I am so jealous.
    I am planning to get to target with CD and then go to SW for long-term maintence. I joined a SW class tonight so I wasn't exempt from being a Target Member when I do eventually get there.

    I have about a stone to lose I think. I am so desperate now though... I have become an obsessive and planning meals.
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