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Forum addiction


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HAHA! If it wasn't for this site, Id be getting on with my work - which is the LAST thing I want to be doing.. at least I'm not procrastinating with food anymore, but, yes, I do need to learn some other strategies, cause this can't be a permanent solution!!

(or can it?)

he he me to!

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I was just thinking the same. It's been my saviour especially through the tough times. I've been on here so much today that I now have double the work to get done tomorrow :)

Better to be typing than eating xxxxx
Yup, Im back, fully addicted, thing is the support is immense, and thats what we all need x
I am the same! I log on and before I know it, hours have passed by! Helps to keep me from the kitchen though! xx


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Yeah, minimins is my proxy CDC. Everything I need for support. Out here in Kuwait I'm pretty much on my own motivation wise. This is the first place I log onto in the mornings and the last site I visit before bed.


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Anisah, I am not in Kuwait but the wilds of scotland... like you, don't know anyone else doing CD and minis has been a lifeline for me. So know just how you feel! This is one addiction I am OK with right now!



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I have been addicted to this forum for 4 1/2 months...... its scary how you can get so addicted.. lol
Its a great place and we are all here in the same boat and to support each other xxx


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oh the amount of time i spend on here is obscene!!! The things i would get done if it wasnt for this place........!!! lol
BUT....the support is amazing and i couldnt be where i am now without it! :)


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*stands up, gives a little cough*

"My name is Angela and I'm a minimins addict"

phew, finally got that off my (now slightly smaller :() chest!
Me too, I'm glad i'm not the only one. To confess I was bad this evening and today has been the only day I have been on here (only once this morning), I have to come on here to help me through the day. So be straight back on first thing to help me stay on track tomorrow!
Sorry, I mean't todays the only day I haven't been on here!!
I will be blaming you Minxie if I become addicted ;-) I've come home of my night shift and I have logged on here instead of going to bed! Anyway, day 1 (again) today so I think I will be here a lot more from now on....
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