Found out I am pregnant 6th Feb, due on 19th October

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  1. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    I know it's really early days as I am only 3 weeks pregnant, but want to get back on minimins to think about portion control and healthy eating. I am 3 stone heavier than the last time I fell pregnant, but am hoping that cutting out the cake and other excess carbs that I can maintain or end lose a little

    have never done slimming world properly but am thinking of trying its principles to up my fruit and veg intake and stay well, if obese during this pregnancy

    so hi! Hoping to find some people on here to share the journey :)
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  3. Sammielouise071

    Sammielouise071 Currently pregnant

    Congratulations :)
    Good luck with the slimming world a fair few of the girls on here have continued to follow the plan and have done really well so I'm sure you can too ! X
  4. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member


    am am just being mindful of what I eat, for the sake of the baby, but also in fear of putting too much stress on me and babs if I don't watch the weight
  5. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Subscribing :)

    I found out this weekend. I'm 4 weeks today, EDD is 21st October. Have yet to go drs, hopefully can get appointment at some point this week! X
  6. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Me too! Been putting it off, bit nervous, happy to be pregnant but also not wanting to go to Drs yet to make it very official. Am happy just to settle into the feeling of being preggars :) but yes, will go into my G.P on Monday and get the maternity forms and take it from there
  7. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

    Hi, congratulations!! I too found out extremely early on also, but didnt post here until about 7 weeks.... Good luck with doing SW :) x
  8. PrincessPeach

    PrincessPeach Pregnant with Baby No 2!

    Hi hun x subscribing :) hope all goes well x

    I'm currently 40+3 - so I'm overdue! I remember finding out at 4 weeks - felt a lifetime away but it will soon fly :) x
  9. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Ah ah yes, I remember it well, Missy was induced when I went 12 days over, took another 2 days after beginning of induction for her to come out, five mins to midnight Christmas Eve!

    am just hanging on now, just wishing those weeks away so I can relax that baby will stay....

    anyway, quietly excited while trying not to look to far forward
    ho hum
  10. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Hi I just found out in pregnant - due 28th Oct - 1st Nov
    I'm 95 kg ( 15st) I'm 10kg heavier than I was with my last 2 pregnancies .. Plan is to continue exercising and doing the every other day diet - Google JUDD and pregancy with a diet day of 1000kcal limit .. Also I'm sticking to a mostly primal/ paleo way of eating/ lifestyle
  11. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    I've just started doing low gi eating with moderate exercise,

    saw my MW for first time yesterday I have put on 5lbs in 9 weeks, (was 16.0, now 16.5) she said I could probably even lose a few pounds and definitely aim to maintain. I am going to ask my gp for advice as there is conflicting views online, some saying losing weight is safe especially if you are overweight as I am, others saying never try to lose weight when pregnant. I would be happy to try to lose a few pounds very gradually, or try and maintain. So when I couldn't sleep I read up about weight maintainence in pregnancy. Made sleepy plans about changing the way I eat from now on.

    have eaten so healthily today, more healthily than I have in years
    porridge, berries, fruit, seeds, seedbread, ham salad, small lump of cheese, brown rice with pork and small amount of sweet and sour sauce, followed by yogurt fruit and Mueseli
    And I did 45 mins of exercise today

    will do similar tomorrow
  12. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    I looked at maintaining my weight through JUDD (every other day diet) but keeping kcals to 1000 (some times 1200) Also doing primal/paleo as much as poss.

    For the last 8 weeks I've been between 95-96 kg hoping to STS or loose a bit :)

    Normally do 1 exercise class a week.. Need to increase my walking
  13. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    I also sole to my GP about it and she thought it was a good plan :)
  14. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member


    id be happy to try and lose some, worried about health effects of gaining too much

    my last pregnancy I started 3 stone lighter, but still manage to put on 5 stone! Not doing that this time!
    i just want my gp to give me some direction about how much weight loss is okay and what I should definitely try and eat.
    as it is, I'm going to try and do a low gi slimming world type plan, making sure I have dairy, meat, veg, fruit etc

    dont know, I haven't eaten healthily for years, now I'm just motivated to be as healthily as possible, to try and reduce any risks

    we'll see, will weigh in at least weekly to keep track of my weight
  15. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Right! Food diary:

    so far 3 cups of tea with milk
    2 pieces of brown/seed bread one with low fat spread, the other cut in small pieces and had with half teaspoon of peanut butter, marmalade and Nutella.
    2 baby bels, some pepper and cucumber
    an orange, a pear, half an apple, 2 petite Filos with sunflower and pumpkin seeds
    exercise: walk on beach with daughter, 15 mins x1 on exercise bike
    naughties: Freddie frog and 5 mini chedders

    later: left over sweet and sour pork from yesterday, packed out with peppers, celery & onions with small side order of brown rice. Most likely followed by apple or pear with more yogurt and seeds

    again, am surprised at how healthily I'm eating. A daily food diary will certainly help me stick to it.

    otherwise, nothing to report on the baby front.
    am 9 weeks 2 days, should have my dating scan in 2 weeks. Belly is expanding & hair is definitely growing quicker. The evening sickness disappeared thankfully. And my bp was 110/75 this am and temp back down to 37.0

    have also ordered a O2 and pulse sensor from amazon, so I can check I'm not pushing too hard on the exercise bike,
    also ordered Miranda's maracattack, as I want some fun while exercising

    i also have Davinas DVD from last time, that is still in its wrapper! Am planning to dig it out and try it for size at least this week :)

    i will ill not have diabetes! I will not have complications because of my weight!

    right, off I go to my exercise bike for 15 minutes and read my paper at the same time
  16. PrincessPeach

    PrincessPeach Pregnant with Baby No 2!

    Hi Angie,

    Food etc looks great :) How are you getting on? How far along are you now? xx
  17. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Hi, am nearly 11 weeks :)
    nit been following healthy eating or exercise last 2 weeks must get back to it!

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