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Found something of interest


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Hi everyone, I found this report on the web about VLCD's such as the Cambridge diet. It is an interesting read and confirms for those that are worried about their health that diets such as the Cambridge one are no more of a risk to your health than any other diet.

I added this because I thought it might offer a little bit of reassurance to those who have been given bad advice about the diet.


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Just about to have a read my lovely, then will send it to every single person who has expressed doubts about this diet :D I cant wait hahahahaahahahahahaa


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TBH I've never thought it was unhealthy, and I fight my corner if anyone says it is!

As far as I'm concerned, even an 'unhealthy' diet (which it isn't) for a few months is better than being overweight/obese for years!


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I completely agree - I have said to people before that it is better to lose weight than to be a risk of a heart attack and stroke because Im morbidly obese. I just thought I would put it on to offer some of those people who do listen to others negative view on VLCD diets that actually research doesn't support their unsubstantiated view of this diet.

Personally I don't care what people think of the diet all I know is that people are saying I look good now for loosing weight - therefore cambridge is the diet/way of life for me :)


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It’s great to have scientific evidence to support the diet. Whilst I was on it I kept directing people to this website and saying if you don’t believe me how amazing it is read other peoples stories surely we can’t all be wrong.
I so agree that the few months of doing a VLCD is so worth it when you get the physical changes not to mention the psychological well being and happiness that the weight loss leads to.
Maybe someone will prove be wrong but I haven’t read of anyone who has said that their life is worse because of the diet.
The info is now printed off and ready to be pulled out and shown to those who scoff!!

Aislinn x


Finally a size 12!
As ive always said people who have a go at people on a VLCD have never had a weight issue all the people that have had a go about it to me have already been a size 8 or 10 and have never been fat in there life xx


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You are so right – why do they feel that they have to be so negative all the while instead of just being pleased for us.
Aislinn x


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I personally don't understand some people - they moan at us when we are fat, because we are fat. They moan when we are on a diet, because its not good for us????

Well at least this report answers some of their so called complaints about what this diet supposedly does to our bodies.

Very interesting thread! :) I just have a question. How long can we use the Cambridge diet as sole nutrition? I have heard only 3 weeks.. Is this correct?


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I’m not sure – your counsellor should be able to guide you. It seems to depend on how quickly you want to loose, your live style and how heavy you are now. A lot of it is personal choice also.
I had a cold during week two and missed eating so only did SS for a week and then went to SS+

Aislinn x
Very interesting thread! :) I just have a question. How long can we use the Cambridge diet as sole nutrition? I have heard only 3 weeks.. Is this correct?
I think you can do it up to 12 weeks now, please someone correct me if i am wrong.
when i joined it was 4weeks then add a meal week in the 5th week then another 4 weeks
Aha! Tanks a lot! :) I think I have to take a week at the time and see how I am doing and how long it takes to reach my goalweight :) I am very motivated now :) I WILL be a slim bride!! :) hehe..


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Sole Source and Sole Source + (Addition of Skimmed Milk)
You can still just do SS as always however to do this your CDC must write to the GP for information only as SS is below 600 cals these are the new rules.

If you do not want your CDC to notify your GP you must then do the SS+ programmes either 4 shakes and 200ml skimmed milk or 3 shakes and 200 cal meal (similar to the AAM) this equates to 615 cals.

You can however opt to do SS+ anyway as you may wish to have the skimmed milk or extra pack.

You can also have three packs and skimmed milk, however, the GP would still need to be notified as this would fall under 600 cals. This is not a set programme please discuss with your individual CDC.

Please note that carb sensitive people may find the addition of skimmed milk can slow weightloss and break ketosis.

A VLCD (under 800 cals) can only be used for 12 weeks then on week 13 you have to move up to 810 which is a LCD.

SS+ is still a VLCD.

You can also now stay on SS for the 12 weeks continuously then add food in week 13 then continue for another 12 weeks or until BMI 25 is reach which is the point at which 810 has to be introduced.

The foods for the SS+ are as listed in the New Pink and Blue booklet, these are however the same as those listed for AAM in the Old Pink and Blue booklet.
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Becky looks like you are right, here is a post on a sticky CD Counsellor has in Cambridge Diet Forum.

Here is the link to the post:


Love Mini xxx

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