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Four pounds overnight?!

I stopped weighing myself about 20 years ago, it was an addiction worse than food, cigarettes and alchohol. Every day I would need my fix before anything else. The results of that fix would either set my day up to be great, or leave me feeling like a fat lump.

In the case of the former, I would be far more motivated, would jump around more vigorously (run upstairs etc) and generally feel postive, having had proof that I was 'doing it right'. I would look at my legs and see how they were thinner.

In the latter, I would mope about, keep feeling my fat tummy, study my double chin in the mirror etc.

I decided that enough was enough. I didn't want that little white beast controlling my feelings everyday.

Knowing that I can lose weight without being dependent on a number is all fine and well. Using clothes as tape measures is all fine and well, but I started to worry about maintenance. Thats generally where it all goes wrong. I got to thinking that for maintenance (and I know this is a long way off!) I would need to really keep an eye on my weight, as clothes too tight would be a step too far, and difficult to recover from. So I bought some scales.

Reluctantly I stepped on them last night, and wasn't best pleased with the reading, but told myself 'hey! you aren't any fatter than you were five minutes ago'. Then this morning, setting me up for a good day, the scales read 4lb lighter. Now even I know that it is impossible to lose 4lb in your sleep!

Does anyone else's weight fluctuate quite so violently? I think I might save the scales for when I have hit my size target, as who knows, tomorrow I might be 8lb heavier for my troubles, and that would be the start of a bad day!
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I've had that, I can put on 6lbs in a day and loose 7 over night
I too am a serial weigher.

I dont want to dissapoint you but our bodies always weigh more at night than they do in the morning. With me it varies by about 3-4lbs.

If you are going to weigh do it first thing after you have been to the loo with nothing on, then the variables will always be the same.

I agree Jac, it's all the food and water we take in during the day.
I'm not in the least bit disappointed!! I was just making the point about fluctuations, and kind of writing to entertain too.

even now If I go to a Chinese buffet style place, I can guarantee putting on half a stone, no problem. It must be all the salt and sugar and stuff in the sauces, 'cos I don't eat the rice and noodles and stuff.

I do pig out on the rest though;)
Actually I would kill for some prawn toast right now, thanks for that one Jim!!


Carpe diem, baby!
This is why it is better not to weigh oneself more than once a week...Daily fluctuations can be more than four pounds for the average person, I know my weight can vary up to four pounds just in one day...it depends on how much water you have drunk, how much is still in your body, how much food you have consumed and how much is still in the system, etc...whether you sweat lots or retain water...whether your glycogen stores are large or small or are being depleted daily or you have hardly any glycogen stored at all...etc, etc...


Wannabe Lean!!!
I am addicted to my scales too, I think I might have to ask a friend to take them away and just have them back once a week to weigh-in. It just set up your whole day, you're either upbeat because you've lost or miserable and think 'why do I bother?' if you've stuck or put on. What a life! I gave up fags but my scales are still there :(


Wannabe Lean!!!
I do have them occasionally, I spoke to my friend about taking my scales again (we tried this last year and I did my nut wanting them back after a few days :( ) and she gave me a very stern look and asked if I had an eating disorder, I laughed and said 'no I have a scales addiction' LOL
:ashamed0005::ashamed0005::ashamed0005::ashamed0005::ashamed0005::ashamed0005::ashamed0005: I am a serial weigher too!

I weigh myself before bed each night and in the morning. I try not to but can't resist!



Wannabe Lean!!!
I get quite annoyed too if something interrupts my routine of weighing in a morning, like if hubby ever brings me breakkie in bed, its lovely of him and I enjoy it but then I get huffy with myself because I won't have a true weigh. Very sad! LOL.
I am not a scalaholic any more, but I was when I was on induction, every morning like clockwork, first have a pee, do the other if I could and then weigh myself. It can be very destructive of your self confidence. On good days it would be woweeeeee if I hadn't lost or worse gained it would fill my day with gloom. I weigh weekly now and only as a check.
This thread has made me smile - i used to weigh myself everyday, then i stopped..... i stopped for so long i gained 2st pmsl
I am now having my weigh in on a friday morning.....:scale:


Wannabe Lean!!!
Yeah my official weigh-in is a friday morning too, but I still hop on and update my ticker daily LOL sad eh? *sigh* I will get some help, don't worry LOL.
You'll be OK once you're nearer goal Rela. It's all anxiety to start with isn't it love.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Thats true, and I am determined to get to goal and stay there this time :) Although hubby and friends think 8st is too low for me, but I'm barely 5ft 1" so I think 8st will be fine, its just in the middle of the BMI bracket for the height so nerrrrrrrrr to them :D

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